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18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8

Convener: D. Maralack

Course entry requirements: Registration for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Sport Management.

Objective: The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the various disciplines of sport management and provides students with a general understanding of the structure and functioning of sport both locally and internationally. Students will be encouraged to assess the current models and thinking behind sport management, particularly in a development context.

Course outline:  The South African sporting landscape and its role in the transformation imperative (policy, official and other structures and organisations; major and minor sports and other local sporting stakeholders

e.g. the wellness and fitness industry).

An overview of the international sporting landscape. International games (Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other). Elite athlete versus mass participation principles of sport. Scientific thinking and the role of science in sport (how scientists think; the use of science and technology, how to access sports science information in the South African context). Sports organisation structures and key roles within the sporting organisation. Competition structures and models.

DP requirements: TBC

Assessment: One 2-hour examination 50%, Essays and tests 40%, Tutorials 10%

Last updated : 17 Jan 2019

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