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Welcome to the School of Management Studies

The School of Management Studies is a vibrant and interdisciplinary department in the Faculty of Commerce. Originally established in 1964 along with the Bachelor of Business Science degree, the department was initially created as the Department of Business Science, taking primary responsibility for the convening and development of this prestigious 4-year degree.

Three decades later, in 1994, this successful and expanding department was re-named the School of Management Studies, incorporating several academic disciplines in a variety of sections. Each section is involved in a range of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas and courses. While enjoying close and collegial alignment and integration under the banner of the School, the diverse sections have the freedom and responsibility to manage their own affairs, both administrative and academic. As can be seen below, it is this very diversity that makes the School unique in the tertiary educational landscape of South Africa and is one of its core strengths. Read more ...

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UCT Student Startups Go To Market
11 October, 2019

From a build-your-own skincare product to a delivery service for students run by students, aspiring entrepreneurs from the University of Cape Town’s Genesis Project established their businesses, as part of the Honours-level Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Entrepreneurship (PDE).

“Our vision was to revolutionise skincare by providing our customers with an opportunity they have never had before – to customise their skincare products according to their unique skin type and needs,” said BYO Skin Co-Founder and UCT student entrepreneur, Mufaro Chiwara. “With support from Dr Rael Futerman at the UCT Design School, we were able to innovate a unique skincare solution, never before seen in South Africa.”

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Study: mothers who breastfeed at work more committed to employers
14 May, 2019

UCT associate professor Ameeta Jaga says mothers who feel breastfeeding is encouraged in the workplace have a sense of being valued because their companies promote gender equality.

CAPE TOWN - Mothers who breastfeed at work are more committed to their workplaces and have increased productivity, according to a University of Cape Town (UCT) study.

“When mothers feel they can return to work and breastfeed, they are more committed to the organisation. They [mothers] are less likely to leave the organisation in search of another company," said UCT associate professor Ameeta Jaga.

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Why breastfeeding is a workplace issue
10 May, 2019

The recently established mothers’ room in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences offers a private space for breastfeeding mothers, accommodations which Associate Professor Ameeta Jaga says are vital to creating an inclusive, productive workplace.

Last year a similar facility was opened at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, thanks to hospital management, the Children’s Hospital Trust and the Child Health Advocacy Committee of the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Department of Paediatrics and Child Health.

These facilities have been a long time coming, said Jaga, an organisational psychologist in the commerce faculty’s School of Management Studies. The country’s employed labour force hovers around 45% women and breastfeeding is a natural part of their mothering responsibilities and key for sustainable societies.

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