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Welcome to the School of Management Studies

The School of Management Studies is a vibrant and interdisciplinary department in the Faculty of Commerce. Originally established in 1964 along with the Bachelor of Business Science degree, the department was initially created as the Department of Business Science, taking primary responsibility for the convening and development of this prestigious 4-year degree.

Three decades later, in 1994, this successful and expanding department was re-named the School of Management Studies, incorporating several academic disciplines in a variety of sections. Each section is involved in a range of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas and courses. While enjoying close and collegial alignment and integration under the banner of the School, the diverse sections have the freedom and responsibility to manage their own affairs, both administrative and academic. As can be seen below, it is this very diversity that makes the School unique in the tertiary educational landscape of South Africa and is one of its core strengths. Read more ...

Latest News

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Decolonization discourse and the transformation of the programme evaluation curriculum
06 September, 2018

Management Studies Postdoctoral Fellow participates in panel discussion on decolonisation of the African Evaluation curriculum

On the 17th of August 2018, Dr Nombeko Mbava, a postdoctoral fellow specializing in Africa-centric evaluation approaches within the School of Management Studies, contributed to a stimulating event at the Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results, Anglophone Africa (CLEAR-AA) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Dr Mbava joined a high level panel of experts convened to critically discuss the “decolonization of the African evaluation curriculum”, within the broader debate of the indigenisation of evaluation practice on the African continent.

Stakeholders interrogate pluralistic evaluation methods and knowledge that could potentially further our understanding of evaluating what (and how) social programmes and policies work in the African context.

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Food for Inclusion
31 August, 2018

In August, Nikki Cavernelis, an Administrative Officer in Actuarial Science, travelled to Canada to present her paper “Food for Inclusion” at the 11th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) conference at the University of Montreal.

Drawing on the School of Management Studies as a case study, she put forward the argument that food can create opportunities for building inclusive and sustainable relationships in the workplace.

In this way, food can serve as a “tool” for social transformation and minimize some of the discomfort, unease and inequality associated with diversity.

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17 July, 2018


School of Economics
Faculty of Commerce

The School of Economics in the Faculty of Commerce under the auspices of the New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) funded by the Department of Higher Education is seeking to make a permanent appointment of a black South African at the Lecturer level in the field of Economic Development. This appointment will be made in terms of the purposes expressed in the Staffing South African Universities Framework (SSAUF). For more information on the nGAP programme see

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