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This programme is designed to follow on from either of the Postgraduate Diploma coursework courses (INF4012W; INF4015W; INF4016W, INF4018W).


Entrance to the Part Time Honours programme is through the Post Graduate Diploma. Students who have performed well on the Postgraduate Diploma are typically invited after their first year to convert to the Honours programme.


Candidates must have completed the first year of the Postgraduate Diploma, obtaining above average results. Candidates must have experience of critical reading, literature survey work and have previously written at least four essays or white papers at postgraduate level. Exposure to research methods and/ or statistical methods will be an advantage, but is not required.


INF4024W - Honours Research Project


An overall mark of at least 50% is required to pass the programme and a minimum must be obtained for both the course work (PgDip course) and the research.