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Prof Edda Weimann is a paediatrician, endocrinologist and public health specialist with international work experience. She obtained her Medical Degree at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, her Habilitation in Paediatrics and her Master Degree in Public Health at the University of Cape Town. Her postgraduate studies at a national research centre in Paris were funded by national research grants. 

Several of her research topics gained international audience and attention. Her articles are published widely in international peer reviewed journals. Her achievements are acknowledged through research, national and international innovation awards. Several of her books are translated into other languages.

She has implemented Hospital Management as a research topic and supervises master, MMED and PhD theses researching the digitalisation of health care (e-referrals), change management when implementing IS in hospitals, digitalisation of patient flow, value stream mapping and Business Process Management (BPM) of hospital processes to optimise their efficiency.

Prof Weiman has served as Head of Departments and hospitals of tertiary health care facilities and is a faculty member of universities in Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. She heads the first Healthcare Innovation Hub in Africa and serves as an executive management member of a University Hospital. She is a board member of various committees. 

Her research topics cover besides medical research, environmental health, health care management, health systems, innovation research, and citizen sciences. Her book "High performance in Hospital Management- a guideline for developing and developed countries" is published with Springer Publishing Company. The book is available as an e-book or hardcopy (