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The University of Cape Town conducted a survey during October 2012 to get feedback from those Vrygrond community members that attended the computer training and who have also become regular users of the Vrygrond Community Lab.

The survey results highlighted that the Vrygrond Community Lab is perceived as a positive addition to the Vrygrond community. A summary of the feedback is:Individuals that attended the computer training programmes regard the training methods used as a holistic approach to learning. They particularly appreciated developing good working relationships with other participants on the programme.Respondents valued the focus on using the skills learnt on the training programmes to find future employment. Job interests ranged from being a chef‚ working in tourism‚ nursing‚ a receptionist and working in government‚ to mention just a few.An important point revealed by the survey was that the computer training programmes have caused some young community members to aspire to returning to school to continue their education.It was extremely encouraging to receive feedback on how this initiative is contributing positively to the lives of Vrygrond community members. The Vrygrond Community Lab has given each individual the opportunity to transcend their current circumstances and realise their dreams of having a more promising future within South Africa.