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The Vrygrond Community Lab is a successful working and learning facility with full–time professional support. Training programmes are being delivered through a vibrant‚ state of the art computer lab that is run and maintained by the community members themselves.

The opportunities for participants include‚ but are not limited to preparing and presenting presentations‚ application writing‚ job searching‚ general computer training courses and also extracurricular activities. Current activities in the computer lab support the following objectives:

  • Improving computer literacy levels: Community members can attend a two week computer literacy programme that teaches basic computer skills. This empowers individuals in the community when they seek employment as most jobs require a certain level of computer literacy.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship: UCT students build websites for the Vrygrond community – this creates an online presence‚ a voice for the Vrygrond community and provides a facility to support entrepreneurial activity.