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Research Seminars

Welcome to the Research Seminar series hosted by the Department of Information Systems. These monthly seminar sessions are designed to showcase the research that is being completed at the department. Although most of the seminars are presented by staff members, we also frequently host visitors, colleagues from other departments and post-graduate students.

Please inform Ms Linda Magodla of your e-mail address if you'd like to attend the above and/or be informed of upcoming seminars.


The research seminars are usually scheduled for the last Wednesday of each Month. They start at 12:30 (for 13:00) and should be finished before 14:00. They normally take place in Leslie Commerce Building room 6.14

2010 Seminars

Dr Sudhandshu RaiInnovation mapping, methods, challenges and insights [More]2010/11/10
Prof. Kevin JohnstonManaging Change in a University [More]2010/09/29
Felix Olu BankoleExamining the Imapact of ICT Investment Trade In Africa[More]2010/10/07
Ms Maureen TannerDistributed Scrum : A Theory of Practice Perspective  [More]2010/08/25
Prof. Steven AltersSystems Analyis for everyone else : Empowering Business Professionals through a systems analysis method that fits their needs. [More]2010/06/01
Rangarirai MatavireAcquired Status in Free and Open Source Software User Groups [More]2010/04/28
Peter BenjaminMobile mobilisation : exploring the role of cellphones in development [More]2010/03/03

2009 Seminars

Dr Dick Ng'ambi and Annette LombePodcasting: Interface Between Structure, Dialogue and Learner Autonomy [More]2009/08/26
Jonathan DonnerTechnology for Emerging Markets [More]2009/05/27
Walter BrownTowards a Research Framework for a Human Development-based "Bottom of the Pyramid" ICT Development Strategy in South Africa [More]2009/04/21
Kosheek SewchurranShould any knowledge or practice be privileged to exist without the scrutiny of research? [More]2009/03/25
Tony HooperEnsuring democracy in a digital society: E-mail management and record-keeping behaviours of New Zealand Public Servants [More]2009/03/04
Val HooperThe Rugby Player and the Handbag: Extending a Model of Factors of Influence in Online Auctions [More]2009/02/25
Prof. Günter SchmidtAnalysis of an Online Algorithm for Multiple Trading Problems[More]2009/02/18
Olga PetkovThe Systems Approach in Information Systems and Software Engineering - Opportunities, Challenges and Trends [More]2009/02/12
Don PetkovThe Place of Systems Thinking in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate IS Curriculum [More]2009/02/13

2008 Seminars

A/Prof. Michael KyobeAn Information Security Evaluation framework for SMEs engaged in E-commerce in South Africa [More]2008/11/26
Dr. Thomas GstraunthalerThe Vanishing Boundary of Human and Technology - The Actor Network Theory [More]2008/10/01
Mr. Adrie StanderI know what you did last summer! - an introduction to the technical side of Computer Forensics [More]2008/08/27
Mr. Kevin JohnstonNews You Can Use [More]2008/05/28
Mr. Steve VoslooDigital storytelling for Africa: Case Study of an International Digital Media Project [More]2008/04/23
Prof. Antonie StamUser Error and Decision Quality in Decision Support Systems[More]2008/04/02
Dr. Joachim SchaperUbiquitous Computing in Business Processes [More]2008/04/01

18-22 February 2008: Lunchtime Lecture Series

Notice of a series of lectures by Professor Trauth

TIME: 12H30 - 14H00 (Monday - Thursday) and 12H45 -14H15 (Friday)

Monday 18 FebruaryThe Gallery, Centre for African Studies, Upper CampusInformation Technology and Economic Development:  A Case Study of Ireland
Tuesday, 19 FebruaryThe Gallery, Centre for African Studies, Upper CampusGender in the Information Economy
Wednesday, 20 FebruarySeminar Room 4.01. Centre for African Studies, Upper CampusGender in the Global Information Economy
Thursday, 21 FebruarySeminar Room 4.01, Centre for African Studies, Upper CampusLinking Economic Development and Workforce Diversity in the Information Economy
Friday, 22 FebruaryRoom 6.14, Leslie Commerce Building, Upper CampusQualitative Research and Information Technology


Eileen M. Trauth is Associate Dean for Diversity, Outreach and International Engagement, Professor of Information Sciences and Technology and Director of the Center for the Information Society at The Pennsylvania State University. Her research is concerned with societal, cultural and organizational influences on information technology and the information technology professions with a special focus on the role of diversity within the field. As a Fulbright Scholar in Ireland, Dr. Trauth undertook a multi-year investigation of socio-cultural influences on the emergence of Ireland's information economy. She has also analyzed cultural, economic, infrastructure and public policy influences on the development of information technology occupational clusters in the U.S. Dr. Trauth has investigated gender under representation in the information technology professions in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United States with grants from the National Science Foundation and Science Foundation Ireland. She is recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Gender Studies in Austria. She has also published papers and books on qualitative research methods, global informatics, information policy, information management and information systems skills.

A finger lunch and refreshments will be provided.  To RSVP please call 650 4242 or email:

2007 Seminars

Prof Jean-Paul Van BelleBarriers to ICT Adoption for Micro-Business in South Africa[More]2007/02/21
Kevin JohnstonThe need for a course in Forensic Information Systems at South African Universities [More]2007/03/14
Prof Irwin BrownInvestigating Impediments to Academic Success in an IS Degree Programme A South African Perspective [More]2007/04/18
Peter UnderwoodThe Invisible Web [More]
  • The Hidden Web - Click here (.PPT) (343 KB)
  • URLs - Click _here (.DOC) (67.5 KB)
Elaine ByrneTransformation in IS education: Whose concepts should be changing? [More]
  • Concepts - Click here (.PPT) (2.4 MB)
Lisa SeymourRFID Adoption factors within the South African Container Supply Chain [More]
  • Research Seminar - Click here (.PPTX) (577.6 KB)(15/08/2007)
Kevin JohnstonInformation Systems for the Public Sector to improve service delivery [More]2007/08/28
Prof. Dewald RoodeInformation Infrastructure in SMMEs: Building block or happenstance? [More]
  • Information Infrastructure In SMMEs - Click here(.PPTX) (786.6 KB) (07/12/2007)
Prof. Mike KyobeFactors Influencing SME Compliance with Government Legislation on Use of IT: The Case of South Africa [More]2007/11/28

2006 Seminars

Cliff CourtAn Alternative, Practical Plus Sustainable Approach to Addressing the Digital Divide [More] [Presentation]2006/02/22
Petro van Rhyn & Helen AlexanderMarketing Strategy for E-Government Services in South Africa: The Case of Cape Gateway Project [More]2006/03/22
Kosheek SewchurranBusiness Process modelling in Complex Environments [More]2006/04/19
Raymond KekwaletsweUbiquitous Social Presence: Context-Awareness in a Mobile Learning Environment [More] [Presentation]2006/05/24
 SACLA Conference - No Seminar2006/06/28
Kevin JohnsonKey issues for Chief Information Officers [More]2006/07/26
Alan AbrahamsCost-Sensitive Learning and Profit Optimal Decision Trees[More] [Presentation]2006/08/23
Janine JoubertBuilding Trust in Mobile Commerce [More] [Presentation]2006/09/06
Mario MaraisAn Overview of the Research Initiatives of the ICT in Education Research Group of the Meraka Institute [More][Presentation]2006/10/04
Prof Dewald RoodeThe Question Concerning Best Practices [More][Presentation]2006/11/29

2005 Seminars

Niall LevineThe Application of Structuration Theory to Telecom Reform and Convergence in South Africa2005/10/26
Prof. Michael KyobeUsing Information Technologies to support Knowledge Transformation: Current issues and challenges [more]2005/09/28
Kosheek SewchurranThe Extent to which an Enterprise Data Architectural Approach supported the Knowledge Management Aims of a Flexible Manufacturer [more]2005/08/24
Prof. Olayele AdelakunOffshore IT Outsourcing, Success Factors, Economically Emerging Countries [more]2005/07/27
Irwin BrownGrounding SISP in Theory - Reflections on a Qualitative Study[more]2005/06/29
Wallace ChigonaSuccess Factors of Public-Funded Communal Computing Among the Urban Poor: The case of Cape Town [more]2005/05/18
Brian O'DonovanReflections on the changes in the management paradigm since the 18th century [more]2005/03/16
Mikko KorpelaExperiences in Information Systems Research in Healthcare in Africa and in Finland: Projects and Methodologies [more]2005/02/16
Kechil Kirkham & Dr Lisa SeymourThe Value of Teaching Using a Live ERP System with Resource Constraints  [more]2005/01/26

2004 Seminars

Dr Jean-Paul Van BelleA Proposed Low-cost Architecture for a Novel Smart Whiteboard: the Textbook-on-the-Wall project [more]2004/11/24
Kevin JohnstonEvery Question Deserves an Answer. [more]2004/10/27
Prof Mike HartOLAP Revisited: Using the Multidimensional Cube to Assist with Business Decision-making [more]2004/07/28
Elsje ScottThe Impact of the Adoption of Object-Orientated Testing Practices - A South African Perspective [more]2004/06/15
Dr George DitsaKnowledge Management about Knowledge Management Systems: A Conceptual Cleansing [more]2004/06/02
Prof. Dewald RoodeIt's not the Digital Divide - it's the Socio-Techno Divide![more]2004/04/21
Kevin JohnstonDoes the Intranet Empower Knowledge Workers? A survey in the Western Cape of South Africa [more]2004/03/31
Prof. Klaus BrunnsteinDetection of Malicious Software [more]2004/03/03

2003 Seminars

Elsje Scott & Nata van der MerweUsing multiple assessment approaches to enhance objectivity and student learning [more]2003/11/26
Dick Ng'ambiA Journey from Theory to Methods: A Case or Structuration Theory and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)2003/10/15
Irwin BrownCellphone banking: Predictors of consumer adoption in South Africa, and comparisons with Internet banking [more]2003/08/10
Prof. Dewald RoodeResearch in Information Systems: Past and Present2003/07/30
Graham McleodEnhancing Enterprise Architecture Models with Cost, Risk and Quality Dimensions [more]2003/06/25
Kevin JohnstonAn Evaluation of the Factors that Impact Open Source Software Uptake in South African Organisations [more]2003/05/28
Prof. Dewald RoodeA framework for understanding ICT-enabled sustainable socio-economic development2003/04/23
Jean-Paul Van BelleLeveraging theoretical IS frameworks by exploiting the similarities between different information systems research areas2003/03/26
Dr Laszlo PookeCultural Background of Systems Analysis2003/02/19