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The Department of Information Systems has a dual mandate: to bring the best of IS knowledge to the classroom for dissemination to students and to assist in the production of IS knowledge through active research and publication.  

The research reported in these pages is a collection of publications at conferences, formal theses and reports from post-graduate course work. The people involved in research and publication in the Department of Information Systems are mainly full-time staff members and post-graduate students.

A few publications are loaded on the web server. Most publications are not, mainly due to copyright restrictions. If you wish to obtain one of the latter publications, check the reference or, alternatively, contact the author.

Research Areas

The main research focus of the department is the role of ICT in National Development. This entails looking at the relevance of current information systems issues in the context of both the first-world and developing context within South Africa as well as the rest of African. In particular, the following specific research areas have been identified by the staff as areas of strength.

  • Education: Educational technologies for previously disadvantaged SA students; teaching educationally disadvantaged students; e-learning; IS staff and skills shortages; IS careers; perceptions of IS in work and study; computer literacy.
  • Management of the IS function: IS planning; strategic aspects of IS systems; management information systems; systems thinking in IS; enterprise IS architectures; management of IS professionals; enterprise computing; computer supported cooperative work & EMS.
  • Knowledge management: indigenous KM systems; modelling; data mining.System development: methodologies of IS development; teams and project management; OO approaches to systems development; system development approaches.
  • Electronic commerce and business: e-markets; SME's; mobile computing; e-business models; e-government.
  • Development and cultural issues: IS and culture; the digital divide; IT implementation and 1st world technologies in 3rd world environment; gender issues in IS and women in IT; IT government policy; open source software; IT adoption.

The following are the areas of specialisation of the various IS staff members

  • Professor Irwin Brown  - IS in developing countries; IS management; Grounded Theory in IS research.
  • Professor Wallace Chigona - ICT for national development; community informatics; and mobile technology for development, ICT Policy
  • Associate Professor Kevin Johnston - ICT strategy and alignment; use of ICT in business; ICT management issues; open source software.
  • Professor Mike Kyobe - Strategic IT planning; IT alignment; computer security and utilisation of IT to leverage knowledge management; enterprise and IT governance.
  • Dr. Salah Kabanda - IT adoption; M and E commerce; ICT4D.
  • Professor Ojelanki Ngwenyama - Developing and using critical social science methods for IS research. Empirical research focused on: software process innovation; IS implementation; IS management; the impact of ICT on social and economic development.
  • Dr Jacques Ophoff - Information and cyber security; privacy; design science research.
  • Professor Ulrike Rivett – ICT4D; service delivery through mobile technologies; e-government and m-government; water quality management and monitoring; innovative use of ICTs.
  • Dr Sumarie Roodt - IS and Education: Technology-enhanced learning with a focus on using emerging technologies for the Net Generation, Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL), Virtual Worlds, Educational Neuroscience & Technology- Enhanced Learning. IS and Business: Using emerging technologies for Competitive Advantage.
  • Associate Professor Lisa Seymour - Enterprise systems and business process management with a developing country focus.
  • Mr Adrie Stander - Data communications; database design; human-computer interaction; culture and information systems.
  • Associate Professor Maureen Tanner - Agile, Global Software development.
  • Professor Jean-Paul Van Belle - Adoption of information technologies; ICT4D; e-commerce and m-commerce; e-government and m-government; open source software; enterprise IS architectures; e-readiness of SMEs and NGOs; Green IS/IT.
  • Mr Pitso Tsibolane - ICT for national development; community informatics; and postcolonial critique
  • Mr Mike Pollock - Effective IS teams, IS programming with students; technology acceptance; the digital divide in South Africa; digital forensics; virtual teams; m-innovation
  • Mr Gwamaka Mwalemba - Critical Theory and IS Education
  • Dr Adheesh Budree - E-Commerce

Proposed Journal Ranking List

You can view the proposed journal ranking list for the IS Department here

Centre for Information Technology and National Development in Africa (CITANDA)

CITANDA is housed within the Department of Information Systems at the University of Cape Town and is the vehicle through which research in the department is conducted. It aims to bring together researchers, projects, funders, and programmes focused on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the service of national development. For more information, you can visit the CITANDA website.

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