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Research and Publication takes place in a number of ways in the Department.

One of the particular strengths of the Department is the excellence of its postgraduate students, and it is here that much of the research activities of the Department are to be found. 

Given the high teaching workloads, it is commendable that staff members are seriously involved in individual research, as well as supporting post graduate students. During the last few years, a stronger research ethic is being built in the department with the emphasis on urging staff members to improve their personal qualifications and converting supervised student research in published research outputs.

The department's increase in research outputs is clearly reflected in the publications list. This list is organised on an annual basis rather than research topics or author because of our internal processes and also in order to ensure consistency in coverage.

The following are the areas of specialization of the various IS staff members.  If you cannot get hold of a research publication, you should try to contact the staff member directly.

  • Professor Irwin Brown - IS in developing countries; IS management; Grounded Theory in IS research.
  • Professor Wallace Chigona - ICT for national development; community informatics; and mobile technology for development.
  • Emeritus Professor Mike Hart - Strategic use of IS; key management issues in IS; business intelligence; data mining and analytics.
  • Associate Professor Kevin Johnston - ICT strategy and alignment; use of ICT in business; ICT management issues; open source software.
  • Professor Mike Kyobe - Strategic IT planning; IT alignment; computer security and utilisation of IT to leverage knowledge management; enterprise and IT governance.
  • Mr. Michael Pollock - Technology Adoption, Systems Development, IS Education
  • Associate Proffesor Elsje Scott - Object-orientated programming and methodologies; efficient teaching methods for programming concepts; IS project management, with the specific focus on student group projects using C# as programming language.
  • Dr Salah Kabanda - IT adoption; M and E commerce; ICT4D.
  • Professor Ojelanki Ngwenyama - Developing and using critical social science methods for IS research. Empirical research focused on: software process innovation; IS implementation; IS management; the impact of ICT on social and economic development.
  • Dr Jacques Ophoff - Information and cyber security; privacy; design science research.
  • Mr Mike Pollock - Effective IS teams, IS programming with students; technology acceptance; the digital divide in South Africa; digital forensics; virtual teams; m-innovation.
  • Associate Professor Ulrike Rivett – ICT4D; service delivery through mobile technologies; e-government and m-government; water quality management and monitoring; innovative use of ICTs.
  • Dr Sumarie Roodt - IS and Education: Technology-enhanced learning with a focus on using emerging technologies for the Net Generation, Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL), Virtual Worlds, Educational Neuroscience & Technology- Enhanced Learning. IS and Business: Using emerging technologies for Competitive Advantage.
  • Associate Professor Lisa Seymour - Enterprise systems and business process management with a developing country focus.
  • Emeritus Professor Derek Smith - Project portfolio management; project teams; project manager competencies.
  • Mr Adrie Stander - Data communications; database design; human-computer interaction; culture and information systems.
  • Dr Maureen Tanner - Agile, global Software development.
  • Professor Jean-Paul Van Belle - Adoption of information technologies; ICT4D; e-commerce and m-commerce; e-government and m-government; open source software; enterprise IS architectures; e-readiness of SMEs and NGOs; Green IS/IT.