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Final Mark composition for the Masters Degree in Information Systems by Coursework and Dissertation

The following are the course components
    (1)   You will do 4 Information Systems related assignments.
    (2)   You will also submit the following three methodology deliverables:

    • Thesis Proposal
    • Literature Survey
    • Research Methodology

    (3)   You will have to present at least two seminars


Officially the requirement is a "mini-dissertation", which might imply something less than a dissertation. The major psychological distinction between a full and a mini-dissertation is that in a masters by dissertation only the acceptance of the dissertation by the external reader is the complete criterion, whereas in the Master in IS, there are "marks" for exercises, seminar presentations, essays and the dissertation. The other difference is that the coursework prepares the student to write the dissertation and the student can profit from interaction with other students.Hence the dissertation, while officially occupying a position of lesser importance in the program than in more traditional,British-style dissertation only masters degrees, becomes more of a planned, strategic initiative rather than the whole ball of wax. In that sense it is "mini." However, it must meet significant criteria of (1) originality, (2) intellectual rigour, (3) contribution, (4) clear writing and(5) currency. In addition, because we are an applied discipline, the dissertation must also have (6) practical implications for IT/IS practice either by practitioners, managers, entrepreneurs or administrators.

The mini dissertation should not exceed 25,000 words whereas the full dissertation is limited to 50,000 words.

Course requirements

A mark of 50% on each of the Teaching and Dissertation components is the minimum requirement for a pass. Distinction will be awarded for a combined mark of 75% or more; but only if at least 75% is obtained on the dissertation and at least 70% on coursework.