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At the launch in March 2013‚ Professor Lisa Seymour‚ Head of the Information Systems Department at UCT‚ commented that the initiative was in line with the call by respected IS academic Geoff Walsham to make the world a better place through the use of technology. She further stated that the Vrygrond project was also aligned with UCT’s mission to contribute to development challenges and be socially responsive.

"We decided to invest in this project‚ in terms of teaching‚ research and social responsiveness‚" said Professor Seymour. "Our Doctoral‚ Masters and Honours students have embraced the opportunity to get involved as mentors. We believe that in order to become an effective Manager; you need to know how to mentor people. Our Honours students engage in 30 hours of community involvement work and many of them volunteered to contribute to the Vrygrond community."One such volunteer is Honours student Mark Robinson‚ who said: "I have been privileged to develop a skill set during my Bachelor of Commerce degree‚ something that most South Africans have not had. We are now here to give something back. We can’t change the world’s problems overnight‚ but we can certainly try."

Professor Joachim Schuler of Pforzheim University said at the launch: "I am very grateful to the volunteers. Their first aim is to help‚ but it also helps our students to become leaders. But we need donations."