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Proposed JournalTargets for Department of IS – 2015

(Bold blue indicates IS Dept publication in it);(*Top 3 ICT4D Journals)


  "A+" list

 Communications of the ACM
 Decision Support Systems
 European Journal of Information Systems
 Information & Management
 Information Systems Journal
 Information Systems Research
 Journal of Information Technology
 Journal of Management Information Systems
 Journal of Strategic Information Systems
 Journal of the Association for Information Systems
 MIS Quarterly

 "A" List [ISI/IBSS and highly-ranked in the discipline]

 ACM Transactions [ISI-listed], e.g.:
- ACM Transactions on Information Systems
 Behaviour and IT
 British Journal of Educational Technology
 Computers & Education
 Database for Advances in Information Systems
 Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
 Electronic Journal of IS in Developing Countries
 Electronic Markets
 e-Service Journal
 IBM Systems Journal

 IEEE/IEEE Transactions [ISI-listed], e.g.:

- IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

- IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications

 Information & Software Technology
 Information & Organisation
 Information Processing & Management
 Information Research
 Information Society, The
 Information Systems
 Information Systems Frontiers
 Information Systems Management
 Information Technology & Management
 Information Technology & People
 *Information Technology for Development
 International Journal of Electronic Commerce
 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
 International Journal of Information Management
 International Journal of Technology Management
 Internet Research
 Journal of Database Management
 Journal of Engineering and Technology Management
 Journal of Global Information Management
 Journal of Global Information Technology Management
 Journal of Organisational Computing and Electronic Commerce
 Journal of Systems and Software
 Journal of the ACM
 Knowledge-based Systems
 MIS Quarterly Executive

 "A-" List [Other ISI/IBSS]

 ASLIB Proceedings
 Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
 Behaviour & Information Technology
 Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
 Computer Fraud & Security
 Computer Standards and Interfaces
 Computers & Security
 Computers in Human Behaviour
 Educational Technology and Society
 Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation [IBSS]
 Electronic Library
 Enterprise Information Systems
 Government Information Quarterly
 IEEE Transactions On Professional Communication
 IEICE Transactions on Information Systems
 Industrial Management & Data Systems
 Information Systems & E-business Management
 Interacting with Computers
 International Journal of African Renaissance Studies [SA DoE and IBSS]
 International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
 International Journal of Electronic Government Research [IBSS]
 International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
 International Journal of Information Security
 International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making
 International Journal of Mobile Communications
 International Journal of Project Management
 International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
 International Journal of Systems Science
 International Small Business Journal
 Investment Analysts [SA DoE and ISI]
 Journal of Community Informatics [IBSS]
 Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organisations [IBSS]
 Journal of Electronic Commerce Research [IBSS]
 Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
 Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology
 Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution - Research and Practice
 Knowledge and Information Systems
 Online Information Review
 Perspectives in Education [SA DoE and ISI]
 Project Management Journal
 Social Dynamics [SA DoE and ISI]
 Social Science Computer Review
 Social Science Information
 Software Quality Journal
 Software Testing Verification and Reliability
 South African Journal of Business Management [SA DoE and ISI]
 System Dynamics Review
 Systemic Practice and Action Research
 Systems Research and Behavioural Science
 Telecommunications Policy
 World Development
 World Wide Web: Internet and Web Information Systems

 "C" List [Not ISI/IBSS, not top 50 IS-centric ranked]

 African Journal of Information and Communication Technology
 Business Horizons
Communications of the International Information Management Association
Communications of the International Business Information Management Association
 Expert Systems Review
 Information Systems Education Journal
 *Information Technologies and International Development
 Information Technology & Control
 Information Technology & Management
 Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information
 Interfaces (Education)
 International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking
 International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy
 International Journal of Game-based Learning
 International Journal of Managing Projects in Business
 Issues on Informing Science and Information Technology
 Journal of Cases on Information Technology
 Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations
 Journal of Information Science and Technology
 Journal of Information Systems (Accounting)
 Journal of Information Systems (Education)
 Journal of Information Technology Management
 Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
 Journal of Software Maintenance
 Journal of Systems and Information Technology
 Project Management Technology Journal
 Project Perspectives

Useful Reference

Lamp JW (2004) Index of information systems journals. Geelong, Deakin University [WWW document] (accessed 5 June 2015)