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* Extract from the commerce faculty Handbook


18 NQF credits at level 5

Course convener: S Kabanda

Course entry requirements INF1002F/S

Course outline:
At the end of the course, students will be able to write entry-level programs from specifications, using C #.Net environment, the language used in the course. The course focuses on integrating good programming practices through planning and developing software programs using C #.The course is practically-orientated and students should be prepared to spend time after hours to do programming exercises and examples in the computer laboratories, or on a personal computer at home.

Theory lectures are used to communicate course content, which includes: the development of programme routines in pseudocode; revision of basic programming concepts and principles of good programming practice. It further includes elements of the C # language; OO concepts and the integrated development environment; standards and naming conventions; elements of C # controls; validation, error-trapping and debugging.

The practical components of the course comprise weekly practical exercises, tutorial exercise and two projects. The focus of these projects is to test students’ knowledge and creativity.130 DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS

DP requirements:
Attendance of 80% of tutorials. Submission of at least one of the two tests and the projects, provided that a valid authenticated reason is given for missing any test or project. A minimum year mark of 45% on the work completed to date.

Coursework (2 tests and 1 assignment) 50%, final examination – 3 hours 50%.
Sub-minimum of 45% for the final examination