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Bursaries Available to IS Masters Students


Every year, the department endeavours to make funds available to enable students to cover part of their living and study expenses. Most of these funds are in the form of a monthly remuneration in lieu of tutoring and lecturing services provided to the department. Hourly rates start from just over R30/hour (subject to a university limit of 10 hours/week) though, in the past, the department was very lucky in securing additional funds in order to pay a significantly better rate. However, due to the nature of the budgeting process within the university environment, there can be no guarantees as to the actual amounts and the availability of suitable jobs. It is therefore expected from the student applicant to have sufficient funds available PRIOR to enrolling to the programme. Having said this, generally our masters students get preferential treatment for any internal tutoring jobs. In addition, quite a few opportunities present themselves from time to time to earn money outside UCT on a part-time basis. However, it cannot be sufficiently stressed that the lure of earning money from "outside opportunities" often drags students down the long slippery slope of postponing their dissertation research and we caution students strongly against accepting too many commitments outside their students.
In addition to paid tutor opportunities, students are strongly encouraged to apply to outside bursaries and scholarship.

Sponsors include:

  1. The Director, Postgraduate Funding Office, University of Cape Town, Private Bag
    Rondebosch, 7700
  2. National Research Foundation (NRF)  

For more information on these bursaries as well as others please contact the course administrator Jamie-Lee Swarts  (