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How to Apply for Masters in Commerce in Information Systems

What Qualifications Will You Need to Apply to our Program?

This is an interdisciplinary program. Our typical applicant will have an honours (4-year) degree in Information Systems or another discipline in Commerce; on an individual basis, students with exceptional preparation in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Social Science, Information Science or other fields may be considered. However, applicants with little or no IS background should read the note below on background carefully before they consider applying.

How Long Will the Program Take?

Applicants with a strong background in IS and a reasonably strong preparation in IS research as well as an interest in a research topic should expect to take 12 to 18 months including the time to write the dissertation. Others can take up to two years. Be prepared to hang in for the long haul. However, given the investment required, consider your application seriously.

Application Procedure

General Information
Please note that our program is intentionally small. At full strength, we expect to have only approximately 15 students and graduate about ten per year. Hence there is some competition for spaces. We are interested in maximizing success and will scrutinize applications carefully and thus seek applicants who stand the greatest chance of succeeding in this program. Our program year begins in February, while applications are considered beginning in September of the previous year.

Application for admission to study , complete the only application form found here

Important Notes on Background: This is NOT a conversion degree.

An interdisciplinary program such as ours must be prepared to consider applicants from a variety of disciplines. However, this is an Information Systems program in a Faculty of Commerce. Thus applicants should have had either a good honours IS degree (with a thesis or empirical research project) or a good honours degree in a related field, plus user/champion/technological leader experience in IS. Some promising applicants with little IS background, but strong experience in business, commerce, or leadership positions may be considered; however these individuals will be expected to take coursework in IS to fill in their backgrounds.

Overseas students who do not have an "honours" degree equivalent at their university should consider enrolling for the full-time Honours programme (1 year) followed by a full-time Masters programme(1 year or 18 months), giving them the content and course duration of similar programs offered overseas. In any event, this program is not a conversion course for those wishing to move from other fields into an IS position in industry. Applicants interested in that route are urged to apply to either our part-time Honours or post-graduate diploma programs or seek alternatives in computer science or other universities or technikons.

All applications are treated individually and these sorts of challenges in terms of background are appropriate topics for discussion with the program convenor.


The Masters fees for 2016 is being reviewed. For additional fee information please refer to the Fees handbook here

  • (Course Code: INF5004W for Masters by course work)
  • (Course Code: INF5005W for Masters by dissertation for students who have completed the course work part)
  • (Course Code: INF5000 for Masters by dissertation only)

For all fee-related enquiries, please contact the Student Fees Office.

International students and students who do not have South African citizenship should please contact the IAPO or students fees office for your fees.