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20 NQF credits at level 8

Course co-ordinator: Associate Professor Lisa Seymour

Entrance requirements: Students must have passed the INF4026F course.

Course outline: Course covers Management issues and research contributions in IS, current IS research.

DP requirements: 75% attendance and participation in seminars and a minimum of 50% for year mark.

Exam Subminimum: A minimum of 45% in the final examination.


  • Year Mark: 50%
  • Final examination: 50%

Last updated : 19 Jul 2018

Staff Members on this course :

Assoc Prof Lisa Seymour Associate Professor

+27 (0)21 650 4259
3.38, Leslie Commerce
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Additional Information :
Section Head: Services & Short Courses Convenor: INF3012S & INF4012W

Dr. Adheesh Budree Lecturer

021 650 2261
Leslie Commerce 3.08
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Additional Information :
Lecturer: INF1002F, INF2006F, INF3014F, INF4018W

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