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Note: This course is designed to follow on from either of the Postgraduate Diploma coursework courses (INF4012W; INF4015W; INF4016W).

Fourth Year Status, Part-time Whole Year Course

Course coordinator: Prof. Jean Paul Van Belle


INF4015W (Information Systems Coursework) or INF4016W (Computer Forensics Coursework) or INF4012W (Enterprise Systems and BPM Coursework)


  • Apply specific parts of the body of knowledge which students obtained in the Postgraduate Diploma Coursework course to a practical work situation
  • Demonstrate practical and academic reading and writing skills
  • Produce a work that is potentially of significant value to the organisation in which the student works.

Course format:

Students are required to complete and report on a work-related project which demonstrates clearly how the knowledge gained in their coursework course has been or can be applied in their day-to-day work environment. The nature of the project is very flexible but a written project report of no less than 50 pages is required on completion. In the case of students who completed the INF4016W course, the nature of the project will be a complete investigation of, and report on a hypothetical computer forensics investigation. The student should prepare a short description of the proposed project after which the student may be allocated a responsible staff member in the department who can act as a “supervisor/mentor”. The staff member may help the student with the scope and possible questions.


Only the final report will be marked. A minimum of 50% must be obtained in order to pass.

Last updated : 06 Aug 2015

Staff Members on this course :

Dr. Sumarie Roodt Senior Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 2286
3.35, Leslie Commerce
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Additional Information :
Convenor: INF4000R, INF4000S, Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management Lecturer: INF4015W, Honours, Masters and PhD Programmes supervisor

Prof. Jean-Paul VanBelle Professor

+27 (0)21 650 4256
3.41, Leslie Commerce
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Additional Information :
Section Head: Research, Director of CITANDA, & Convenor: INF2010S, INF4017H

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