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This course is also offered in second semester as INF4000S


INF4000F : Introduction to Business Computing 2014

INF4000F is a first semester course for post graduate students. The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the complexities and issues involved in the development and management of Information Systems by giving students a range of experiences.

Students will gain experience by both learning and doing. Experiences include preparing for seminars‚ discussions‚ and completion of practical projects. Note the course will not be offered again‚ 2014 is the last year the course will run.

Skills required

Certain skills are required to start the course: a. PC literacy b. Windows and Word skillsc. WWW and email skillsd. Writing skills‚ the ability to write academic articles in Englishe. Listening skills‚ the ability to listen and repeat what one has heardf. Questioning skills‚ the ability to ask open questionsg. Time management skills‚ the ability to manage ones time to meet all deadlines‚ to be punctual.h. Self–management‚ the ability to manage oneself‚ and not to rely on others to point out commitments‚ deadlines etc.


The major objectives of the programme are:

  • The theoretical section of the course introduces students to major managerial issues in Information Systems. Students are required to research and discuss important managerial issues in the field of IS in seminars.
  • The practical section of the course provides practical experience of a computer–based tool – Excel (spreadsheet).
  • The application and implementation of concepts from both the theoretical and practical sections of the course is assessed through a project.
  • To develop strong communication‚ interpersonal and questioning skills.


Deliverable          Total    Sub-minimum 

Seminar Q & A     15%     45% 

Seminar Video      5%      45% 

Excel Project        15%     45% 

Examination        65%     50%

The examination will consist of a case study and several written questions which students will have to analyse‚ and apply their knowledge to.

Course Structure

Compulsory Seminars are held on Tuesdays & Fridays from 14h00–15h00‚ with practicals on Mondays 14h00-16h00 and Thursdays 14h00–15h00.

Last updated : 24 Oct 2016

Staff Members on this course :

Dr. Sumarie Roodt Senior Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 2286
3.35, Leslie Commerce
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Additional Information :
Convenor: INF4000R, INF4000S, Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management Lecturer: INF4015W, Honours, Masters and PhD Programmes supervisor

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