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Course Contacts:

Convenor: Assoc. Prof. Lisa Seymour

Administrator: Natasha Samuels

Entrance Requirements:

INF2009F and INF2011S

Course outline:

This course examines the role‚ relationship and IT Applications have on businesses and vice versa. It has a heavy emphasis on ERP systems‚ business processes and Business Process Management (BPM). Students have a group business process management assignment and will be introduced to an ERP Application from SAP‚ and will acquire a basic working knowledge of the Application.

Lectures and tutorials:

Two double-period lectures and one double-period tutorial per week, 4th and 5th periods.

DP/Assessment/Examination requirements

Please consult the latest Faculty handbook.

Last updated : 05 Feb 2019

Staff Members on this course :

Ms. Natasha Samuels Senior Secretary

+27 (0)21 650 5901
3.01.1, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Senior Secretary & Administrator: Second & Third Year Courses

Assoc Prof Lisa Seymour Associate Professor

+27 (0)21 650 4259
3.38, Leslie Commerce
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Additional Information :
Section Head: Majors; Convenor: INF3012S & INF4012W

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