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Course Outline

This is a course for students majoring in Computer Science (CS) and Information Systems who wish not only to gain an understanding of project management issues that are influencing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Projects‚ but also experience the execution of such a project. The course thus combines the theoretical elements of project management with the practical implementation of these concepts through the completion of a team project‚ integrating practical and theoretical elements obtained and developed during other undergraduate Information System courses.

The theoretical part of this course introduces students to the important aspects of managing projects and people in the ICT project environment. It also equips the student with crucial problem-solving skills‚ and to improve technical (and professional) document writing skills. Students should be aware that successful project management consists of a sound plan (using Project Management tools and techniques) and strong people management to direct the plan through to the completion of the project’s deliverables. The basis of this process is the project team. The practical part of this course involves the application and implementation of these (theoretical) concepts following the life cycle of a project using a team-based /IT project in a real-life setting.

Entrance requirements:INF2009F‚ INF2011S OR CSC2002S.

Lectures and tutorials: Two lectures (double period) and one tutorial (double period) per week

DP requirements: Submission of required project work and a sub-minimum of 45% for the year mark prior to writing the final examination. In ‚ students must have a satisfactory attendance at tutorials and lectures.

Assessment: To be detailed in the course outline.

Examination requirements: Sub-minimum of 45% for the final examination.

Course Convener: Gwamaka Mwalemba

Course Administrator: Natasha Samuels

Last updated : 28 Mar 2017

Staff Members on this course :

Mr. Gwamaka Mwalemba Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 2582
3.43, Leslie Commerce
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Additional Information :
Manager: ESEFA Programme. Convenor: INF3011F. Lecturer: INF1002F/S, INF3012S, INF3003W, INF4012W

Ms. Natasha Samuels Senior Secretary

+27 (0)21 650 5901
3.01.1, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Senior Secretary & Administrator: Second & Third Year Courses

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