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Course Description

INF2011S is a half course intended for students majoring in Information Systems for the BCom or BBusSci degrees‚ as well as in Information Systems and Computer Science for the BCom degree. Students pursuing other computing degrees may be accepted‚ space permitting.

This course follows on from the first semester INF2009F course which covered systems analysis. The course has a strong practical component where students will be taught to use the common tools of systems design by applying them in isolation first and then applying them in combination to implement a small information system. Students will build and implement part of the system in Visual C#.Net.

The course follows the same approach used in INF2009F to developing the required proficiency:

  • Stage 1 is to understand the theory and body of knowledge underpinning the systems development process. This will be done in lectures.
  • Stage 2 This will be done in the workshop sessions where students step through the process with the support of tutors where required. The same case study will be used in the second semester and will continue to work in their teams‚ or apply to change partners for the second semester.
  • Stage 3 is to work together in teams to complete the two final deliverables for the course – a working system developed in Visual C#.Net and the supporting design documentation.

INF2009F is closely linked to INF2011S and by implementing an information system based on the user requirements derived in the first semester‚ students will have completed the whole systems development life cycle (SDLC) using the traditional waterfall approach. We will be trying to develop in each of you the image of this process which you can evolve with other tools‚ techniques and concepts in your future years.

Last updated : 24 Jan 2019

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Ms. Natasha Samuels Senior Secretary

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3.01.1, Leslie Commerce

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Senior Secretary & Administrator: Second & Third Year Courses

Assoc Prof Salah Kabanda Associate Professor

+27 (0)21 650 4253
3.36, Leslie Commerce
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Convenor:INF4024W, INF2011S, INF1003F

Assoc Prof Kevin Johnston Associate Professor

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3.38, Leslie Commerce
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