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Course Status

INF2004F is semester half course for all accounting and not majoring in Information Systems (IS).


Successful completion of INF1002F/S/H and ACC1006F/S or equivalents.

Course Description

INF2004F is intended to prepare accounting, finance‚ and other students for a range of IT-related roles within a business environment; for example as users‚ managers‚ designers‚ and evaluators of Information Systems. In conjunction with Foundations of Information Systems (INF1002F/S/H)‚ Financial Reporting (ACC2012W) and Control of Financial Information Systems (ACC2018S)‚ this course has been specifically designed to cover the IT content prescribed by the IRBA (the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors). 

INF2004F covers the following knowledge areas:

  • The impact of IT on financial practitioners
  • Introduction to Pastel Accounting
  • Business processes and their management
  • IT controls‚ crime and security
  • Internet technologies and e-commerce
  • Systems planning‚ development & acquisition
  • Introduction to Excel
  • design‚ and audit
  • Data structures‚ information requirements‚ and business intelligence
  • IT strategy and management issues

Course Objectives

On completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Discuss how IT can be used to improve process efficiency‚ support management decision-making‚ and enable business innovation;
  • Use process models to document business activities;
  • Describe the architecture of enterprise systems and how the various components work together;
  • Understand the importance of IT security and controls;
  • Understand the technical‚ business and control implications of doing business over the Internet;
  • Discuss the role of IT in business and its alignment with strategy;
  • Understand the options available for the acquisition of application software‚ and prepare a business case;
  • Explain how data is used to provide management information;
  • Understand how business intelligence software can facilitate growth and innovation;
  • Use a accounting package (Pastel) to process accounting information;
  • Apply best practice principles to the design‚ development and audit of financial ;
  • Use a spreadsheet application (Excel) to business data and answer "what if" questions.

Course Contacts

Course Convenor: Prof. Wallace Chigona

Course Administrator: Portia Desi 

Last updated : 28 Mar 2017

Staff Members on this course :

Prof. Wallace Chigona Professor

+27 (0)21 650 4345
3.33 Leslie Commerce
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Additional Information :
ICT4D ICT Policy Convenor: INF2004F; INF6000W & INF6001W

Ms. Portia Desi Senior Secretary

+27 (0)21 650 2261
3.01.1, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Receptionist/Senior Secretary & Administrator for First Year Courses

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