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This course is also offered in semester as INF1102S.

Course Introduction

Prerequisites: None

Status: First Year introductory course

Course Convenor:

Course Administrator: Portia Desi

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the theoretical and practical fundamentals of information systems. It investigates information system concepts such as data, input, processing, output, and information technology such as hardware, software and networks. It investigates the use of information technology and communication technology as well as their convergence to support business information systems. The nature and value of are also considered. The course further uses teaching and assessment models which explicitly foregrounds issues of context and provides more time for AD students to grasp the concepts of Information Systems theory using practical examples such as case studies.

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students are expected to: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what information systems are;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the uses of information systems within organisations;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact information systems have on society‚ global business‚ organisational design‚ and industry design;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of computational thinking techniques as used in software engineering;
  • Analyse data to solve business problems and support decision making (using Microsoft Excel); and
  • Design and implement simple applications using a programming language.

Last updated : 01 Mar 2017

Staff Members on this course :

Ms. Meke Kapepo Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 2199
3.37, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Convenor: INF1102F/S

Ms. Portia Desi Senior Secretary

+27 (0)21 650 2261
3.01.1, Leslie Commerce

Additional Information :
Receptionist/Senior Secretary & Administrator for First Year Courses

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