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The course provides an introduction to information systems. It does so from a business perspective, looking at information technologies and the use of information in business. The focus of the course is on information, to put the relevance and value of information systems into perspective.

The course discusses topics, such as the Internet and World Wide Web, electronic business, enterprise information systems, business intelligence, information for decision-making, computational thinking, information security and privacy, and emerging technologies, amongst others. Both theoretical and practical aspects are covered through lectures and hands-on tutorials.

Expected Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what information systems are;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the uses of information systems within ;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact information systems have on society, global business, design, and design;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of computational thinking techniques as used in software engineering;
  • Analyse data to solve business problems and support decision making (using Microsoft Excel); and
  • Design and implement simple web applications 


The course is a mixture of theory and practical content. The theoretical part of the course will examine the following 10 topics:

  1. Introduction to Information Systems
  2. Information Systems in Organisations
  3. The Internet and World Wide Web
  4. Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  5. Networks and Cloud Computing
  6. Enterprise Systems
  7. Business Intelligence
  8. Cybercrime and Information Systems Security
  9. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of Information Systems
  10. Introduction to MS Office for Business and Web Design Concepts

The practical part of the course consists of using the following applications:

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. E-Commerce and Web Design

While the practicals are given using specific software packages the information processing, problem-solving, decision support, and computational thinking skills students are required to learn are applicable to any application.


The prescribed text for this course is: Principles of Information Systems by Ralph Stair and George Reynolds, ISBN-13: 978-1305971776

A list of resources will be made available on Vula. 

General Course Management

For all course (e.g. registration, lectures, practical’s, course deadlines, lab allocations, tutors, etc.) check the information on before contacting the course administrator. For all administrative (e.g. absence, medical certificates, etc.) contact the course administrator directly.

Please check the course site regularly. Neglecting to watch the site is not accepted as an excuse when missing an important event. is accessed by following the links to the student portal on the UCT web page.  Please note that is maintained by ICTS and NOT by the course administration or instructors.

Students must resolve all computer and network queries with the tutor on duty at the Help Desk, located in the of the Alumni labs.

Note: The course outline is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary.

Consultation Times

Pitso Tsibolane (Course Convenor)

Office Hours: by appointment

Prof Ulrike Rivett

Prof JP van Belle

Office Hours: by appointment

(all questions regarding the practical material)

Last updated : 29 Jul 2019

Staff Members on this course :

Mr. Pitso Tsibolane Lecturer

021 650 1542
Leslie Commerce 3.09
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INF4024, INF5005W

Prof. Ulrike Rivett Professor

021 650 4213
3.48 Leslie Commerce
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Director of the School of IT ; Lecturer: INF1002F, INF3011F, INF3003W

Prof. Jean-Paul VanBelle Professor

+27 (0)21 650 4256
3.41, Leslie Commerce
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Section Head: Research, Director of CITANDA, & Convenor: INF2010S, INF4017H

Ms. Portia Desi Senior Secretary

+27 (0)21 650 2261
3.01.1, Leslie Commerce

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Receptionist/Senior Secretary & Administrator for First Year Courses

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