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Course CodeCourse TitleView Info
FTX1004SIntroduction to Financial ManagementView Info
FTX1005FSManagerial FinanceView Info
FTX2000SPersonal Financial ManagementView Info
FTX2020FBusiness FinanceView Info
FTX2024FFinancial ManagementView Info
FTX2024SFinancial ManagementView Info
FTX3044FFinance IIAView Info
FTX3045SFinance IIBView Info
FTX4010FAdvanced TaxationView Info
FTX4035WTaxation Technical ReportView Info
FTX4036FSResearch Methods in TaxationView Info
FTX4037STaxation of Financial InstrumentsView Info
FTX4051HFinance Research ProjectView Info
FTX4052HFinance Honours Research ProjectView Info
FTX4056SApplied InvestmentsView Info
FTX4057FApplied Corporate FinanceView Info
FTX4086FAlternative InvestmentsView Info
FTX5000WMasters in Finance by full dissertation onlyView Info
FTX5003WMinor Dissertation in FinanceView Info
FTX5005WTaxation Masters Dissertation onlyView Info
FTX5005WTaxation Masters Dissertation onlyView Info
FTX5028WTopics in Financial ManagementView Info
FTX5029WMinor-Dissertation in Financial Management (60 credits)View Info
FTX5030WTaxation CourseworkView Info
FTX5031WTaxation Minor DissertationView Info
FTX5032WTaxation Minor Dissertation (60 credits)View Info
FTX5033SInternational Tax IIView Info
FTX5034FInternational Tax IView Info
FTX5042WCorporate Finance and ValuationView Info
FTX5043FCapital Markets and Financial InstrumentsView Info
FTX5044HEmpirical FinanceView Info
FTX6000WPhD in FinanceView Info
FTX6001WPhD in TaxView Info