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60 NQF credits at HEQSF level 9

Course convener: D West

Course entry requirements:

Honours or equivalent degree

Course outline:

This course forms part of the first year of the Master of Commerce specialising in Finance (in the fields of Financial Management and Financial and Risk Management) programme. The course is part-time but intensive and lectures are usually on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The course involves mostly case studies, which require students to evaluate business models, analyse corporate strategies, undertake financial modelling and apply finance theory. The focus is on valuations and financial decision-making. Topics include Corporate Strategy, Financial Analysis, Economic Value Added (EVA), Valuations, Derivatives, Mergers and Acquisitions, Sources of Finance, Cost of Capital, Capital Budgeting, Monte Carlo Simulation, Dividends and Share Buybacks, Capital Structure and specific topics such as Securitisation, and Behavioural Finance. The highlight of the course is when students present their valuation assignment results to a panel of lecturers and guest share analysts.

DP requirements:

Successful performance in each of the progress tests, case studies, assignments and group projects.


Case study assignments 25%; group project 25%; tests 50%

Last updated : 10 Apr 2019

Staff Members on this course :

Mr. Darron West Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 3101
4.65, Robert Leslie Social Science

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