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30 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8


General Information

For those who have elected to complete the programme within one year, you will also need to work on your technical reports while completing the coursework. For those who have elected to complete the programme over two years, you will register for the technical report next year. The technical report component of the Tax Honours programme comprises the following two courses:

A technical report is essentially a research report. FTX4035W is the course code under which you will submit your technical report. You are required to submit a max 10,000-word technical report on a topic of your choice. The report carries 30 credits. At Honours level, the research reports must be completed independently and are unsupervised, but you will receive feedback and guidance from the academic staff when you present your research proposal.

You will note that the FTX4036F Research Methods in Taxation course carries 0 credits. This course code is just representative of the 1 or 2 lectures which will be presented to give you guidance as to how to go about preparing your research report, what resources are available to you, and to give you guidance as to what is required in your short research proposal presentation (which is compulsory for all students). FTX4036F does not have its own timetable, coursework or assessment as it is a 0 credit code. For ease of reference, the dates for the proposal presentations and library training sessions, appear in the FTX4010F timetable.

Further guidance on how to go about your research, as well as some examples of good technical reports, are available on Vula

Technical Report Assessment

In order to pass the technical report component of the programme, students must achieve at least 50% for their technical report, which is submitted under FTX4035W. In order to be eligible for graduation in December this year, the technical report must be submitted on Vula by Tuesday 31 October 2017. In addition, a hard copy of the technical report must be submitted to the Department of Finance and Tax reception by no later than 15h00 on Wednesday 1 November 2017.

It will still be possible to upload your technical reports up until 15 November, but please note that there is the risk that those students who submit during this period (1 Nov - 15 Nov) may only graduate in June 2018 rather than December 2017 due to the time required for the reports to be examined. Any submissions after 15 November will qualify for possible June 2018 graduation only.

Students, who obtain between 45% and 49% for the first submission of their technical report, will be allowed one opportunity to resubmit to try to improve their mark in order to pass. No further concessions are available thereafter and students who fail FTX4035W may not re-register to repeat this course.

Last updated : 05 Apr 2018

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