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18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 7

Convener: E Chamisa

Course entry requirements:

A pass in MAM1010F/S or an equivalent course, a pass in STA1000F/S or an equivalent course, a pass in ACC1006F/S (or ACC1106F) or an equivalent course.


This course introduces financial management in a corporate environment. The course has two primary objectives: Firstly, to expose students to the financial aspects of business, financial markets, and the environment in which businesses operate. The second objective is to equip students with the decision-making skills required by modern financial managers.

Course outline:

This course gives students a comprehensive foundation in the discipline and covers key decision-making skills such as the valuation of future cash flows and risk, capital budgeting decisions, the working capital environment and financing decisions, and corporate risk management.

DP requirements:

A minimum weighted average of at least 40% for class test(s)/assignments and other coursework and a minimum of 80% for tutorial submission and tutorial attendance. Further specific details are included in the course documentation.


Tests and assignments 40%; final examination 60%.

Last updated : 10 Apr 2019

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