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NQF credits: 18 | HEQSF course level: 6

NOTE: This course is NOT for students intending to major in Finance in a Commerce degree and is not a substitute for FTX2024N/M as a course entry requirement for further studies in Finance.

Course convener: H Pamburai

Course entry requirements:

A DP in STA1001F/S/H or equivalent, or a DP in MAM1010F/S or equivalent


ACC1006F Financial Accounting


The objective of this course is to provide students with a broad introduction to financial markets, corporate finance and financial management.

Course outline:

Business Finance serves as an introduction to the concepts of corporate finance. It covers the principles of corporate finance, commencing with mastery of the tools and techniques essential for financial management and proceeding to the principles underlying investment and financing decisions made by large corporations listed on a securities exchange. The course also aims to provide an entrepreneurial focus, equipping the prospective entrepreneurs with some of the quantitative decision making tools required for a successful business venture.

DP requirements:

40% for coursework, completion of all required submissions and tests, attendance of 80% of the tutorials


Tests and weekly objective tests 40%; final examination 60%.

Last updated : 30 Mar 2017

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