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18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 6

Convener: C Abdulla

Course entry requirements:

Students must be in their 2nd year of study to register for the course.

Course outline:

The course introduces students to the fundamental principles of sound financial management at the individual level and equips them with the tools to ensure that they are better able to manage their personal finances. Topics covered include basic financial planning, time value of money, credit management, real estate, the basics of investing, personal income tax, medical schemes and insurance and estate and retirement planning. While the course provides a sound theoretical grounding in these topics, the focus is on practical application and real-world relevance.

DP requirements:

Completion and submission of at least 80% of tutorial assignments and attendance at 80% of tutorial sessions, and 40% average year mark.


Assessment Weighting: Students will be required to complete weekly tutorial assignments and a project (10%) will be prepared and submitted for grading. In addition to the project 10%, the balance of the marks are made up as follows: weekly objective tests 10%; two class tests 20%; and final exam 60% will be written.

Last updated : 10 Apr 2019

Staff Members on this course :

Mr. Cader Abdulla Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 2260
4.77, Robert Leslie Social Science

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