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HEQF credits: 18 | HEQSF course level: 5

Convener: C Abdulla

Course entry requirements:

Matriculation mathematics, or STA1004H, or registration for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sport Management or Tourism Management.


This course is designed to introduce the study of the financial function in business, particularly in a South African environment. The course has two primary objectives: Firstly, to expose students with little or no commercial or financial background to the fundamentals of the financial aspects of business and the environment in which businesses operate. The second objective is to afford the students with the opportunity of gaining as much practical experience as possible in key areas of Finance, Management Accounting and Accounting.

Course outline:

This course first gives a general overview of finance and covers a range of Finance, Management Accounting and Accounting (Financial Reporting) topics.

DP requirements:

Writing all class tests. Attendance and submission of 80% of tutorials. Satisfactory completion of all projects and assignments. 40% average year mark.


Class tests one 5%; Class tests two 15%; objective tests 5%; 2 group projects 15% (2 x 7.5%); final examination 60%

Last updated : 10 Apr 2019

Staff Members on this course :

Mr. Cader Abdulla Lecturer

+27 (0)21 650 2260
4.77, Robert Leslie Social Science

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