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Funding for Postgraduate Students in Economics at UCT


This section aims to make students intending to carry on beyond a first degree in Economics aware of possibilities for institutional financial support.

In particular, we wish to urge students who are uncertain of their future plans not to omit an application for funding a successful application can always be with drawn if the student decides not to continue in a particular field. (This applies equally to students in Economics III applying for Honours or Masters students faced with the prospect of having to produce a PhD proposal).

It should also be emphasized that the information given below is based on present knowledge and that changes are bound to occur.Students will have to consult the Postgraduate Funding Office in Otto BeitBuilding, Upper Campus, for application forms and guidelines and regulations,and should check on closing dates and related details.

Fees and Funding

For fee information, consult the Fee Handbook for further information.

The following sources of funding are available forpostgraduate study:

Tutoring - Postgraduate students may tutor undergraduates inthe department.

UCT Financial Aid - General postgraduate financial aid isavailable from UCT. Please visit the Postgraduate Funding Office pages on theUCT home page.

Postgraduate assistance for international students - There is limited funding for international students. Please consult consult the PostgraduateFunding Office for further information. The deadline for applications is aroundJuly each year.

Collaborative Phd programme

The AERC offers scholarships for four years of study to the amount of approximately R140, 000 per year. In the first year a settling in allowance of US $500 and Book allowance of US $500 is also included.

NRF Bursaries

For all full-time Honours and full-time and part-time Masters students who are South African citizens or permanent residents, and for all full-time and part-time PhD students, your first step is to apply for the relevant bursaries offered by the National Research Foundation.

Regulations governing these awards and application forms are available from the Research Administrations Postgraduate Funding Office, Otto Beit Building, Upper Campus, Tel. 650 2206.

The first step is most important as you effectively disqualify yourself from consideration for many other awards, or at least put yourself at the end of the queue, if you dont apply to the NRF first.