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The Humanities Faculty allows students to major in economics and one other Humanities subject within a BSocSci degree. Natural choices of a second major include economic history, (applied) statistics, (applied) mathematics, environmental sciences, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology and social anthropology. Economic research is increasingly drawing on the discoveries of the other social sciences, while some of these disciplines are borrowing the methodology of economics. However, another major subject is also permissible.

Entrance Requirements

To be permitted for a major in Economics in a BSocSci Degree, you require Matric Mathematics with a minimum of a Higher Grade D or Standard Grade B (if your high school did not offer HG maths). Together with this maths requirements applicant s will have to meet the points requirement (minimum 45 points on the Humanities Faculty scale) and an acceptable PTEEP score.

An extended four-year curriculum is available to certain students who do not meet the normal entrance requirements.

Requirements for a Major in Economics

First Year

All of the following:

  • ECO1010F Microeconomics
  • ECO1011S Macroeconomics
  • STA1001F Statistics 1001
  • STA1000S Statistics 1000
Second Year

  • ECO2003F Microeconomics II
  • ECO2004S Macroeconomics II
ONE of the following:

  • ECO2007S Cooperation and Competition
  • ECO2008S Development Economics (was ECO205S)

Third Year

  • ECO3020F Advanced Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
TWO of the following:

  • ECO3009F Natural Resource Economics
  • ECO3016F History of Economic Thought
  • ECO3021S Quantitative Methods in Economics
  • ECO3022S Advanced Labour Economics
  • ECO3023S Public Sector Economics
  • ECO3024F International Trade and Finance
  • ECO3025S Applied International Trade Bargaining
Recommended Introductory Course

REL1011F/S Introduction to Critical Thinking and the Social Sciences

Entrance Requirement for Honours

All students who wish to study towards an Honours degree in Economics must take ECO3021S.