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30 NQF credits at HEQSF level 9

Course entry requirements: Honours in Economics or equivalent or at the discretion of the Head of Department. Students not registered for an Economics Masters programme will need permission from the graduate convenor.

Course outline:

The course spends approximately 2/3 of available time on economics and the remaining 1/3 on institutional economics. The main economic topics are:

  1. Biases and heuristics in decision making 
  2. Risk
  3. Time discounting 
  4. Loss  
  5. Probability weighting
  6. Framing effects in decision making 
  7. Mental accounting and 
  8. Prospect theory

Throughout assessment of available experimental and evidence for these phenomena and the extent to which they are incompatible with standard neoclassical models is the main focus. The main topics in institutional economics that are covered included: social preferences, trust, social capital, institutions and economic growth

Lecture times: Wednesday: 09h00-10h45, 11h00 -12h45

DP requirements: None

Assessment: Course presentations 10%; exams 60%; course paper 30%

Last updated : 18 Apr 2018

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