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30 NQF credits at HEQSF level 9

Course entry requirements: ECO4007F or equivalent or at the discretion of the Head of the Department. Students not registered for an Economics Masters programme will need permission from the graduate convenor.

Course outline:

This is a course in economic theory, covering consumer theory, production, uncertainty and general equilibrium with selected applications. The level, readings, and format represent a condensed version of what has become the international standard for the graduate sequence in core microeconomic analysis at the masters and doctoral level. Basic to intermediate mathematic tools (from calculus, linear algebra, basic probability, and some rudiments of analysis) will be used extensively in order to present economic ideas with clarity and conciseness. Candidates should note that the course is analytically demanding and relatively intense. Detailed reading lists will be provided by the instructors.

Lecture times: Tuesday: 14h00-15h45, Wednesday:09h00-10h45, Thursday: 14h00 - 15h45

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Coursework 40%; examination 60%.

Last updated : 18 Apr 2018

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