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The Commerce Faculty Q&A section contains a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that Commerce I.T. often encounters. It is hoped that this section might answer some of your relevant questions right here and now.

  • Does the commerce faculty have vacancies for lab assistance available to students ?
Each year the Commerce Faculty advertises for the position of Helpdesk Assistant. There is normally 15 to 25 of these one year temporary positions to fill. During October, advertisements detailing the requirements and application process are placed in and around the Commerce labs and application forms are made available via the Comlab helpdesk or the Commerce IT office.

Submitted by Craig Lotter

  • When I plug in my usb flash memory, it doesnt show as a storage device under My Computer. What should I do to make it appear as an additional drive? (I have Windows XP.)
When a flash disk is inserted into a lab computer, it is automatically assigned the driveletter F:\. However, this causes problems as F:\ is already mapped to the students network drive, meaning that the flash disk isnt assigned a valid handle in the logical disk manager. So the solution is essentially to change the drive letter being associated with the USB Flash Drive.

There are two ways of resolve this:

1. Download the Assign USB Flash Disk Drive Letter application from http://www.commerce.uct.ac.za/Commerce_IT/Support/Utilities/Utilities.asp and run it to change the drive letter.

2. Right click on My Computer and select Manage. Under Storage > Disk Management, you will see a list of drives picked up by the logical drive manager. Simply right click on the USB drive and select change drive letter. Change the letter to something else that is currently not being used on your system.

Submitted by Jane Nash

  • I am currently away from varsity and need to access files on my f:\ drive. Is this possible from a remote pc, home or office?
Unfortunately this just isnt possible, the reason being that it is a Novell server, not a Windows server. Thus there is no provision for remote access to it.

Submitted by Craig Lotter

  • How do I set an automatic away (vacation) message or an autoforward address for my UCT mail account?
Simply access the following address https://mail.uct.ac.za/cgi-bin/websieve.pl, login and follow the instructions given.

Submitted by Craig Lotter

  • Ive spotted something wrong on one of the web pages. Who do I contact to get it changed?
Commerce I.T. employs a full-time webmaster to oversee the Commerce web server. Simply mail the webmaster or phone him on (021) 650 5233.

Submitted by Craig Lotter

  • What do I do if the Print Credit machine in the Comlabs isnt working?
Unfortunately, there is no alternative for getting print credits other than through the print credit dispenser. You are simply going to have to wait until it is repaired. It is suggested that you notify the helpdesk tutor on duty immediately so that they can notify us of the problem.

Submitted by Craig Lotter

  • My email account is not working. What can I do to fix it?
Firstly, you can approach the student helpdesk in the lab and ask one of the on-duty tutors for help. They should be able to solve the problem for you.

Alternatively, you can try to fix the problem yourself. Go to your F:\ drive and remove the "mail" folder. Then hit the Windows Start menu and select the "run" command. In the dialog box that appears, type in "nmimap" (without the quotation marks). You should now see a little window pop up telling you it is creating a profile. Once the program has completed, simply run your mail as normal. If this failed to work, then you need to speak to the helpdesk tutor.

Submitted by Craig Lotter

  • What do I do if I have a problem with my staff PC?
Phone the Helpdesk on #3858 or mail them on helpdesk@commerce.uct.ac.za.

Submitted by Kyle Roberts

  • Why are so many computers not working during peak periods? (i.e blank screens or start up errors)
First see if the computer is turned on or not. If there arent lights on, then you need to turn the computer on. If there are lights on but the monitor isnt displaying anything, try jiggling the power cord at the back of the monitor.

If nothing is happening when you are trying to type something in, check to see if both the mouse and keyboard cables are plugged in. Some of your fellow students do this to make sure that when they return to the lab they have a machine to use.

We check for faulty computers once a day and those that are faulty are removed and fixed. The rest should be working. If a machine comes up with a software error, reset it so that it can rebuild the image, if it still has a problem report it to the Helpdesk.

Submitted by Gareth La Vita

  • At the corner of Lab F, there is a computer that someone deliberately put a password restriction there.(not novell) One day I saw someone actually typing the correct password accessing that computer. I asked him how he got to know the password but he did not answer me. I reported this issue to help desk but he did not do anything about the issue. How can comlab allow someone to add another password restriction in a computer so only he can access it??How can comlab allow such selfish act??
The problem is that students are always changing the passwords on the BIOS. We are working on a solution, but this is a very complicated exercise as we need Intel to make changes on the motherboard. At the moment with some utilities, which you can download off the Internet, a student can get into the BIOS and change our administration password to a password for themselves. With the changes that will be made shortly this will not be able to happen again. If you know the students name please let me know so that we can disable the user account and sent this student to court as this is a very serious offence.

Submitted by CAW

  • Is the commerce IT liable for updating the UCT computers in our residence ?
No, these should be fixed by ICTS

Submitted by Trevor

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