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The College offers the 3 year financial accounting undergraduate programme with the following options, referred to as streams:
In addition to these streams offered by the College of Accounting, the Management Studies Department offers a Bachelor of Business Science Finance (CA Option) programme.
In addition to undergraduate studies, the college also offers a number of postgraduate programmes:

What is Accounting?

Accounting is the language of business. It is used by Investors, Management, Entrepreneurs, Lenders, Financial analysts and Government bodies.

What do accountants do?

Accountants communicate financial information about a business to users. To do this they need to analyse what has happened and present it in an appropriate manner.

Do I need to have done accounting at school?

It is NOT necessary to have done accounting at school. University accounting differs from school accounting in that it focuses on the decisions involved in the preparation of accounts as opposed to the mechanics of recording.

What abilities do I need to be an accountant?

To think logically, to communicate effectively and enjoy working with people, to behave ethically and to have a willingness to develop sound judgment.

Who would be interested in an accounting programme?

Anyone who wishes to prepare for a career in business or in the accounting profession. With this qualification you will be able to work in any size or type of organisation and in any employment sector in any country. Successful professional accountants must be able to think logically, laterally and strategically. They must be able to make sound decisions based on a broad business perspective and their expertise in the following disciplines, (any one of which can become and area of specialisation):

  1. FINANCIAL REPORTING - this is the preparation and communication of the information relating to financial activities of the organisation
  2. TAXATION - this is the structuring and determination of all the business' taxes in a legal and efficient manner.
  3. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING - this provides the information required by managers for the decision making and control of the organisation
  4. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - this is about making financial and investment decisions in terms of the long term objectives for your organisation
  5. AUDITING - this is the evaluation of the integrity of information.
To assist with the development of a broad business perspective students will study economics, business law, statistics and the control of information systems.

B.Com (General Accountant)

This degree is designed to give students a broad understanding of accounting and provides a more practical business focus than the B.Com (C.A. option) and the B.Com (Law).  It serves as a basis for the opportunity to enter professional associations. It is designed to serve the needs of students who are not interested in doing the Post-Graduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA) and continuing to qualify as Chartered Accountants (CA.SA), but nonetheless appreciate the value of an accounting degree.
With this qualification you could aim to become General Managers, Business Advisors, accountants, Tax Officials, Accounting Officers, Company Secretaries, Internal Auditors and Tax advisors.
More information is available here.

B.Com (C.A. Option)

The C.A. stream is designed for the students who are interested in qualifying as Chartered Accountants.  The students are prepared for the PGDA and the Qualifying Professional Examinations.  Students in this stream should be aiming towards the Chartered Accountant qualification.
With this qualification you could aim to become one of the key members of top management teams, Tax Consultants, Financial advisors, Financial Directors, Asset Managers, Information system auditors, Partners in an auditing practice, Forensic auditors.
More information is available here.

B.Com (Law)

The stream is designed for the students who are interested in a legal career with a commercial background.
The first year courses for all the three streams are identical so that the students will not have to decide between the streams until they have experienced accounting at a tertiary level.
Please note that any professional qualification requires a period of practical training in addition to the academic qualification. 
In addition students can major in accounting through the four year B.BusSci Finance with Accounting.