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Areas of Specialisation

The following are the areas of specialisation of the various CoA staff members:

  • Carpenter, Riley - taxation, accounting education, corporate governance, accounting studies, professional programmes, estate duty, death taxes, double tax, tax avoidance, research and development, emerging technologies, governance
  • De Jesus, Carlos -  value investing, valuations, portfolio analysis
  • Dhansay, Asief – public sector accounting, public sector audit, non-financial reporting
  • Graham, Mark – financial and external corporate reporting, integrated reporting
  • Harber, Michael – auditing, corporate governance, auditor independence, institutional investors, corporate governance
  • Herbert, Shelly – integrated reporting, sustainability reporting, financial reporting
  • Kew, Jacqueline – accounting education, multi-lingual accounting education, entrepreneurship, with focus on youth in Africa
  • Lubbe, Ilse – accounting education, education professionals, accounting, curriculum, research-teaching nexus, Bernstein, IFRS, IFRS  for SMEs, GRAP, public sector accounting
  • Mabutha, Riyaan – taxation, tax education, international tax, tax ethics
  • Maughan, Paul – professional accounting education
  • Miller, Taryn – integrated reporting, alternative performance measures, performance reporting
  • Minter, Tessa – designing/assessing systems and controls, risk disclosure, corporate governance, accounting education
  • Modack, Goolam – financial reporting, integrated reporting, corporate governance
  • Parsons, Shaun – income tax, financial instruments, virtual economy, Bitcoin
  • Watson, Alexandra – external reporting, financial reporting, IFRS, integrated reporting
  • Willows, Gizelle – behavioural finance, behavioural accounting, retirement savings, personal finance, individual investors