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What is it?

  • Completing the first year of your training contract in academia.
  • You will still write the Initial Test of Competence and Assessment of Professional Competence at normal times.
  • The contract does specify that you must pass the January ITC for the year to qualify as one year of your training contract.

Who should do it?

Applicants should

  • Display academic excellence.
  • Have an interest in intellectual enquiry and wish to study further.
  • Enjoy tutoring; teaching and interacting with people.

Why do it?

  • An opportunity to develop key professional skills in communication and presentation over and above those developed in the training programmes.
  • The ability to communicate to both large and small audiences of varying ability is a core skill required to succeed in management and the audit profession.
  • Teaching a subject consolidates what you know about it.
  • The year gives you the opportunity to develop intellectually within a discipline.
  • It opens doors to academia as a career or as a stepping stone.
  • Academic trainees are well received by the accounting profession.
  • NOT another year of study, rather it opens up an opportunity for research and teaching.
  • A great opportunity to develop personally and academically and to see the other side of the university.