Winter School taking place from 24–31 July 2021

8 Jul 2021 - 20:30

The University of Cape Town’s Winter School offers over thirty short courses across a range of disciplines. Winter School 2021 will be delivered online, which means that participants can join this flagship programme from anywhere in the world.

Winter School 2021 responds to Covid-19 with lectures Professors Salim Adul Karim and Linda-Gail Bekker. The lecture by Professor Karim will provide an overview of the Covid-19 epidemic globally and in South Africa and provide a high-level analysis on the overall Covid-19 response by government, society and scientists will be discussed, ending with lessons learnt in preparation for future pandemics. Professor Bekker will recount that history and discuss the current status of the field.

Current political issues include Dr Breier’s book that deals with the massacre of Sister Aidan Quinlan, which includes allegations that on 9 November 1952 more than 200 people were killed by police in Duncan Village, East London. The massacre took place at the height of the ANC’s Defiance Campaign and was covered up for reasons which include the brutal mutilation of the nun’s body by enraged protesters. Patric Mellet will discuss his book In The Lie of 1652: A Decolonised History Of Land which retells and debunks established pre­colonial and colonial land dispossession history. Professor Thuli Madonsela will will address the question: ‘The Constitution and Social Justice: Why should you care?’ Pieter-Louis Myburgh will discuss his latest book

Web of Capture, to explore Magashule’s relationship with the Gupta family, government projects that enriched his friends and family but failed the poor and the methods used to keep the former struggle activist in power. Dr Zuleia Adams will discuss the assassination of Hendrik Verwoerd by Demitri Tsafendas and explore how this event places madness at the heart of South African history. 

Science offerings include Professor Mall’s course on mucus and the gut-grain axis and Adam Cruises’ discussion on his recent book, It’s not about bats, explores the ethical and practical issues, the personal and political choices – and solutions – to the greatest problem facing all species on Earth. The course on sleep and the brain will explore the neuropsychology of sleep. The lecture, Pangolins: scales of injustice, provides a timely exposé of the dangers of the trade in this enigmatic, little-known mammal and explains the links between wildlife and Covid-19.

In the category Arts and Humanities, Winter School 2021 covers everything from the African cinema, the Afrikaans language, provenance research and art restitution, French singers and songwriters and literature, life and travel in Italy.

History courses and lectures feature a course on the Bolsheviks, the Berlin Wall and the Arab spring, William Burchell, forgotten Cape passes, a virtual tour of historical Cape Town and a lecture on the life of a freed slave, Carel Pelgrim, who made the first pilgrimage to Mecca from the Cape.

There will be a special two-hour discussion on the recent fire at the Jagger library in which participants are encouraged to share memories and images.

All lectures will be delivered at a scheduled time of the day.

Winter School is run by the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Extra-Mural Studies (email: telephone number: 021 650 2634).

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