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Business Science (BBusSc)

Business Science at UCT

The undergraduate Degree of Bachelor of Business Science has been available in the Faculty of Commerce at UCT since 1968. Since that time, the degree has been refined and developed into one of UCT's most highly regarded programmes, offering students an excellent, world-class education in business.

The B.Bus.Sc. Degree is offered by the School of Management Studies under the stewardship of a dedicated team of staff working in different sections (Business Science, Finance, Marketing, Actuarial Science, Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management). Students reading the B.Bus.Sc. are required to study a common core of business-related subjects, but are also given an opportunity to specialise in an area of their choice. The B.Bus.Sc. is a 4-year degree programme, with the fourth year taking the form of an Honours year in the students' area of specialisation.

Bachelor of Business Science Degree (4 years)
Actuarial Science Management Studies
Streams within programmes
  • Actuarial Science

  • Quantitative Finance
  • Finance
  • Finance with Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Economics
  • Law and Economics
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Quantitative Management

Bachelor of Business Science Degree (5 Year Programme) http://www.educommerce.uct.ac.za

Business Science (BBusSc)

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