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Welcome to the home page of the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town.

The School of Economics is one of the largest departments in the University, offering tuition to more than 3000 undergraduate students and approximately 150 postgraduate students. The department consists of over 30 staff members who cover a broad range of disciplines in economics in their teaching and research. In addition, the School has a strong research focus and hosts several active research units.

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Phishing scams: you are the weakest link
26 September, 2014

It's a hectic day at the office, with the phone ringing off the hook and requests streaming in from your boss and colleagues. A new email message catches your eye. Coming from, it reads: "Urgent!!! Your email account has been put on-hold by our server due to irregularities. Please click this link and log in to avoid having your account suspended."

Losing your email account is a problem you don't need at the moment, so you click the link, quickly enter your UCT login credentials and get on with your work.The email described above is an example of "phishing" – a social engineering technique that criminals use to get you to hand over personal, confidential information – which they then use for malicious and often financially damaging purposes.

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Faculty Focus - Commerce
22 September, 2014

For a list of highlights and events in commerce see the annual Faculty Focus.

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Young and unemployed
22 September, 2014

Why do South Africa's youth lag in entrepreneurial intention, despite SMMEs contributing more than 35% of the country's GDP and just over 50% of employment opportunities? And what can be done about it

Part of the answer lies in low-quality education (for example, only 35% of the 2002 school intake made it to matric) and a lack of knowledge about the support government offers young (15 to 34) entrepreneurs, says the College of Accounting's Jacqui Kew. As for what can be done, strategy, policy and planning is hampered by lack of data on what young people think and believe about entrepreneurship, she adds.

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