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Commerce Student Council
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Commerce Student Council

The Commerce Students Council is a representative body that strives to cater to the best interests of all students faculty wide. 

Our Vision and Mission

Our goal as the Students’ Council is to be a viable‚ visible‚ reliable and approachable platform for students to voice their opinions‚ thoughts and concerns. The CSC is a representative body capable of effecting meaningful change. We interact with faculty management on your behalf and this is pivotal to the work we do.

We aim to:

  •  Facilitate the development of holistic‚ well-rounded commerce graduates
  •  Foster a spirit of service and a sense of community in the commerce faculty and the rest of the University
  •  Be transparent‚ accountable and visible in all our endeavours and undertakings
  • Provide a platform for career development and personal growth and empowerment in every Commerce student
  • Promote excellence in every member of the faculty by displaying this quality ourselves and to uphold the values of efficiency and effectiveness as paramount

2020 Program

  • Mentorship program
  • Faculty hoodies
  • Commerce suit up day
  • Cansa Shavathon
  • Rands and Sense Publication
  • CSC Conversation Series
  • Graduation Ball
  • Outreach CV Workshop collaboration

and many other exciting events and undertakings. Look out for emails and announcements on our Vula tab‚ and find us on the following social networks.