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Honours Programme in Financial Management

Programme conveners: Professor C Correia and Associate Professor G Holman

Entrance requirements:

  • General bachelors degree
  • At least two years previous relevant work experience at senior level.
  • Evidence of language proficiency in written English (See university requirements)
  • Admission is very competitive and the above do not guarantee a position

Programme outline:

The program is a part-time coursework and technical report program. Students are required to register for ACC5002W which is a full year part-time course at NQF level 9 (as opposed to the normal level 8 for an Honours Programme. See ACC5002W for a description of the course and (CM015) Masters in Financial Management for a description of that programme.

Duration of the programme:

This is a minimum of one year programme but students do not usually graduate until June of the following year.

Curriculum/programme structure:

Curriculum/programme structure: HEQF credits
ACC5002W Advanced Financial Management 90
ACC4009Z Honours Technical Report 30
Total 120


To qualify for the award of a degree, students are required to successfully complete and obtain at least 50% in both ACC5002W and ACC4009Z.

Readmission rules:

Courses may not be repeated.

No supplementary exams are permitted

Distinction rules:

May be awarded in “the first class” if student has an overall 75% with a subminimum of 70% in the coursework and in the technical report components

Further programme specific administrative requirements:

  1. Completion of a departmental application form upon application.
  2. A successful interview by Financial Management representatives in the Department of Accounting.
  3. Selection of a supervisor after ACC5002W and a signed memorandum of understanding between student and faculty member.





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