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ACC1006F/S - Financial Accounting

Study Material

Prescribed Textbook

The course will be presented on the assumption that you have read and worked through the prescribed textbook.

The prescribed book that will be used throughout the course is:

  • "Accounting, An Introduction" by J Kew, C Mettler, T Walker and A Watson 2nd edition.

The book is available from:

  • ATLAS EDUCATIONAL, 18 Main Road, Rondebosch OR The UCT Bookshop on campus

This is the prescribed textbook for Financial Accounting (ACC 1006S) as well as Financial Reporting 1 (ACC 1011S).

Written tutorials

Tutorials must be handed in on MONDAYS BEFORE 12h00  They should be stapled and clearly marked with your tutorial group number and tutor's name and placed in your tutor's pigeon-hole. These pigeon-holes are in the lift entrance area on level two of the Leslie Commerce Building.

Tutorials handed in late will not be marked or accepted for DP purposes.

Objective Tests

Students will be required to write objective tests during the tutorial periods. The best five objective tests will count 5% towards the year mark.

Course Material

Additional course material will be handed out during lectures and tutorials. Material not collected by students will be placed at the Accounting Reception on the 4th level of the Leslie Commerce building. This material will be retained for a period of one week only from the hand-out date. If a student does not collect the material timeously, he/she should arrange to make a photocopy using a fellow student's material.


Registered Students

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