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Below is a list of our working papers as well as other publications. Click on their titles to download the full document free of charge.
Hard copies of our publications may be ordered from:
The Publications Officer,
Rm 4.29, 4th Floor
Leslie Social Science Building
University of Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 650 4656
Fax: +27 21 650 4657
Email: Jessica.King@uct.ac.za

Viewing our Publications:

In order to view our Publications simply click on any of the papers that you are interested in viewing. A new screen will load which will give you some information about the paper as well as give the the opportunity to download the file.

Working Papers:

ID Title Author
08/236 Government Leadership and ARV Provision in Developing Countries Nicoli Nattrass
08/231 The mental health of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa: A systematic review René Brandt
08/227 Mutual Monitoring and HIV/AIDS: A case study of a Labour-Intensive SME Walter Lindop
08/225 Concurrent Sexual Partnerships and HIV Transmission in Khayelitsha, South Africa Timothy Mah
08/224 Is it all chaos, loss and disruption? The narratives of poor, HIV-infected South African women René Brandt
08/223 Microeconomic Perspectives on Risky Sexual Behaviour Peter Schwardmann
08/222 Transnational networks of influence in South African AIDS treatment activism Eduard Grebe
08/220 Sex, Poverty and HIV Nicoli Nattrass
08/219 Are Country Reputations for Good and Bad Leadership on AIDS Deserved?: An Exploratory Quantitative Analysis Nicoli Nattrass
08/218 Networks of influence: A theoretical review and proposed approach to AIDS treatment activism Eduard Grebe
08/217 A Cross-Country Analysis of the Determinants of Antiretroviral Drug Coverage Peter Schwardmann
08/215 Attitudes of HIV Positive Patients in South Africa to African Traditional Healers and their Practices Sumaya Mall
08/214 Official government justifications and public ARV provision: a comparison of Brazil, Thailand and South Africa Kerry Mauchline
08/213 AIDS and Heritage Management in South Africa: The Case of Traditional Male Circumcision Harriet Deacon
08/211 Shaming and blaming: Medical myths, traditional health practitioners and HIV/AIDS in South Africa Joanne Wreford
08/210 Involving traditional health practitioners in HIV/AIDS interventions: Lessons from the Western Cape Province Jo Wreford with Monika Esser and Stefan Hippler
08/209 Myths, Masks and Stark Realities: Traditional African Healers, HIV/AIDS Narratives and Patterns of HIV/AIDS Avoidance Joanne Wreford
08/208 Swimming in Confustion: A Qualitative Study of Factors Affecting Uptake and Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment in South Africa Elizabeth Mills
07/207 Is the Treatment Action Campaign Effective? A Literature Review Nadia Oshry
07/206 Examining AIDS-Related Adult Mortality in the Kwazulu-Natal Income Dynamics Surveys: Employment, Earnings and Direct Mortality Costs Alex Sienaert
07/205 Challenging Dominant Policy Paradigms of Care for Children Orphaned by AIDS: Dynamic Patterns of Care in Kwazulu-Natal, Republic of South Africa Caroline Kuo and Don Operario
07/192 Modelling the relationship between antiretroviral treatment and HIV prevention: The limits of Spectrum's AIDS Impact Model in a changing policy environment Nicoli Nattrass
07/188 Visual learning approaches to HIV/AIDS education Annabelle Wienand
07/185 Experiences and perceptions of HIV/AIDS-related stigma amongst people on antiretroviral treatment in Khayelitsha, South Africa Brendan Maughan-Brown
07/182 Encouraging deadly choices: AIDS pseudo-science in the media Nathan Geffen
07/180 The aura of silence: a psychosocial analysis of stigma amongst students working in the field of HIV and AIDS at the University of Cape Town Sara Cooper and Don Foster
06/179 The political economy of antiretroviral drugs Eduardo Bruera
06/178 AIDS, gender and access to antiretroviral treatment in South Africa Nicoli Nattrass
06/176 AIDS and the Scientific Governance of Medicine in South Africa Nicoli Nattrass
06/175 Gendering the therapeutic citizen: ARVs and reproductive health Lisa Ann Richey
06/174 The determinants of perceived health and labour force participation of people with HIV/AIDS in Khayelitsha, South Africa Celeste Coetzee and Ali Tasiran
06/172 The impact of HAART on the reproductive decision making process of HIV positive people in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Vezumuzi Ndlovu
06/171 Gender and reproductive decision-making among couples with HIV/AIDS in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Vezumuzi Ndlovu
06/170 Facilitating relationships between African traditional healing and western medicine in South Africa in the time of AIDS: a case study from the Western Cape Jo Thobeka Wreford with Stefan Hippler and Monika Esser
06/169 An evaluation of body mapping as a potential HIV/AIDS educational tool Annabelle Wienand
06/166 Does mental health matter for poor, HIV infected women/mothers in the era of HAART? René Brandt
06/165 Quantifying Stigma in the Adult Population of Cape Town Brendan Maughan-Brown
06/163 Why do People Disclose their HIV Status? Qualitative Evidence from a Group of Activist Women in Khayelitsha Colin Almeleh
06/161 Antiretroviral Treatment in the Western Cape: A Success Story facilitated by the Global Fund Trude Holm Naimak
06/158 South Africa's 'Rollout' of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: A Critical Assessment Nicoli Nattrass
06/157 HIV Illness Meanings and Collaborative Healing Strategies in South Africa Elizabeth Mills
06/156 Ambiguities of 'Culture' and the Antiretroviral Rollout in South Africa Adam Ashforth and Nicoli Nattrass
06/153 Negotiating Healing: The Politics of Professionalisation amongst Traditional Healers in Kwazulu-Natal Annie Devenish
06/151 Who Consults Sangomas in Khayelitsha? An Exploratory Quantitative Analysis Nicoli Nattrass
06/150 Talking with the white: Sharing the experiences of white sangoma in contemporary South Africa Jo Wreford
06/149 Echoes of Lysenko: State-sponsored pseudo-science in South Africa Nathan Geffen
06/148 Improving the Efficiency of Monitoring Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy: A Case Study of the Introduction of Electronic Technologies in Gugulethu, South Africa Xanthe Wessels, Nicoli Nattrass and Ulrike Rivett
06/147 Disability and welfare in South Africa's era of unemployment and Aids Nicoli Nattrass
05/138 Negotiating relationships between biomedicine and sangoma: Fundamental misunderstandings, avoidable mistakes Jo Wreford
05/135 Maternal Well-Being, Childcare and Child Adjustment in the Context of HIV/AIDS: What does the Psychological Literature say? René Brandt
05/120 Coping with HIV/AIDS: A Case Study of the Psychological Experiences of Poor, HIV Positive Mothers and Women Caregivers on HAART René Brandt
05/117 An Exploratory Analysis of Cross-Country Access to Antiretroviral Treatment Nicoli Nattrass
05/110 ´´We are not Fresh´´: HIV-Positive Women talk of their Experience of living with their Spoiled Identity Poul Rohleder and Kerry Gibson
05/108 ´We can help!´ - A Literature Review of Current Practice involving Traditional African Healers in Biomedical HIV/AIDS Interventions in South Africa Jo Wreford
04/099 Social Security and HIV/AIDS: Assessing ´´Disability´´ in the Context of ARV Treatment Brett Simchowitz
04/096 The Longlife AIDS-Advocacy Intervention: An Exploration into Public Disclosure Colin Almeleh
04/094 Experiences of HIV/AIDS Diagnosis, Disclosure and Stigma in an Urban Informal Settlement in the Cape Peninsula: A Qualitative Exploration LaurenéKahn
04/088 Treatment for HIV/AIDS in the Workplace: A Case Study of a Mine in Botswana Fredah Medupe and Kathleen Collins
04/082 Trading-off Income and Health: AIDS and the Disability Grant in South Africa by Nicoli Nattrass Nicoli Nattrass
04/080 Men and ARVs: How does being a Man affect Access to Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa? An Investigation among Xhosa-Speaking Men in Khayelitsha by Daniel Beck Daniel Beck
04/074 Measuring HIV/AIDS Stigma Brendan Maughan-Brown
04/071 Living on AIDS Treatment: A Socio-Economic Profile of Africans Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Khayelitsha, Cape Town Celeste Coetzee and Nicoli Nattrass
04/064 Body Perceptions of HIV and AIDS: The Memory Box Project Gioconda Vasquez
04/062 Mapping Bodies: Corporeal Erasure and Re-presentation in Anya Subotzky
03/053 Working with Ambivalence: Finding a Positive Identity for HIV/AIDS in South Africa Joanne Stein, Talya Soskolne, Kerry Gibson
03/052 Hiring Patterns, Firm-Level Dynamics and HIV/AIDS: A Case Study of Small Firms on the Cape Flats Celeste Coetzee
03/047 Sorrow Makes Children of Us All: A Literature Review on the Psycho-Social Impact of HIV/AIDS on Children Jo Stein
03/046 HIV/AIDS Stigma: The Latest Dirty Secret Jo Stein
03/042 Providing Antiretroviral Treatment for All Who Need it in South Africa Nicoli Nattrass and Nathan Geffen
03/040 Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy and Risky Sex: Is there a Link? Nicoli Nattrass
03/037 What´s News: Perspectives on HIV/AIDS advocacy in the South African Media Jo Stein
03/033 Moving Beyond the Margins: A Narrative Analysis of the Life Stories of Talia Soskolne
03/028 The Cost of HIV Prevention and Treatment Interventions in South Africa Nathan Geffen, Nicoli Nattrass and Chris Raubenheimer
02/025 Comparing Alternative Measures of Household Income: Evidence from Jolene Skordis and Matthew Welch
02/018 AIDS and Human Security in Southern Africa Nicoli Nattrass
02/014 Perceptions of and Attitudes to HIV/AIDS Among Young Adults at the Susan Levine and Fiona Ross
02/009 Youth, HIV/AIDS and the Importance of Sexual Culture and Context Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala
02/008 Beyond Informed Choice: Infant Feeding Dilemmas for Women in Low-Resource Communities of High HIV Prevalence Louise Kuhn
02/007 AIDS Growth and Distribution in South Africa Nicoli Nattrass
01/005 From the Coalface: A Study of the Response of a South African Colliery to the Threat of Aids Carolyn Kennedy
01/004 Paying to Waste Lives: The Affordability of Reducing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in South Africa Jolene Skordis & Nicoli Nattrass
01/003 The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Macro Market Environment Veni Naidu
01/002 How do the youth in two communities make decisions about using condoms? Donald Skinner
01/001 Ethics, Economics and AIDS Policy in South Africa Nicoli Nattrass

Other Publications:

ID Title Author
20071102.2 Mapping Our Lives Workshop Manual (Xhosa Version): Finding your way through Life, Society and HIV AIDS and Society Research Unit (ASRU)
20071102.1 Mapping Our Lives Workshop Manual AIDS and Society Research Unit (ASRU)
20071025.1 Research Report: Quantifying the Public Health Crisis in Khayelitsha: A Survey of Human Resources in the South African Public Health Sector Theodore Powers and Loredana Monte
20060401.1 Research Note: Attitudes of Health Care Professionals in South Africa to the use of Traditional Medicine by Patients on Antiretroviral Treatment Sumaya Mall
20050601.1 Pandemic Stories 4: The Use of Written Fiction based on HIV/AIDS in our Classrooms - an Effective Antidote Against 'HIV/AIDS Fatigue' Amongst Youth? Adhis Chetty
20050301.1 Regression Manual: A Practical Guide to Regression Analysis for Cross-Sectional Surveys using Stata Nicoli Nattrass
20041201.1 Research Summary: The Impact of Reduced Drug Prices on the Cost-Effectiveness of HAART in South Africa Nicoli Nattrass, Nathan Geffen
20040301.1 Map Manual: Mapping Workshop Manual. Finding your way through Life, Society and HIV Colin Almeleh
20030501.1 Pandemic Stories 3: Hope Zones and the Pandemic's Lullaby Jonathan Morgan
20030301.1 Pandemic Stories 2: Publish Your Life Jonathan Morgan
20020101.1 Pandemic Stories 1: Clutching onto Hope Nompumelelo Payi, Lamla Kete, Jonathan Morgan and Kylie Thomas

On the Bookshelf
Mortal Combat: AIDS Denialism and the Struggle for Antiretrovirals in South Africa by Nicoli Nattrass
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The Moral Economy of AIDS in South Africa by Nicoli Nattrass
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Nobody ever said AIDS. Stories & Poems from Southern Africa. Compiled and Edited by Nobantu Rasebotsa, Meg Samuelson and Kylie Thomas
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