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Commerce Student's Council

The Commerce Students Council is a substructure of the SRC comprising 10 motivated and capable Commerce students elected to ensure efficient representation of Commerce students in the University governing structure.

Our Vision and Mission

Our goal as the Students’ Council is to be a viable‚ visible‚ reliable and approachable platform for students to voice their opinions‚ thoughts and concerns. We strive to act as advocates for students and will lobby the management of the faculty and university as a whole to keep‚ create or change policies‚ infrastructure and support structures for the benefit of the students.

We aim to:

  • Facilitate the development of holistic‚ well-rounded commerce graduates
  • Foster a spirit of service and a sense of community in the commerce faculty and the rest of the University
  • Be transparent‚ accountable and visible in all our endeavours and undertakings
  • Provide a platform for career development and personal growth and empowerment in every Commerce student
  • Promote excellence in every member of the faculty by displaying this quality ourselves and to uphold the values of efficiency and effectiveness as paramount

2014 Program

In 2014 we aim to have activities that encourage unity within the faculty‚ visibility by the CSC and the facilitation of communication between the students and faculty staff and management. Amongst others‚ we run the

  • Course representatives system
  • Mentorship program
  • Faculty hoodies
  • Commerce suit up day
  • Cansa Shavathon
  • Rands and Sense Publication

and many other exciting events and undertakings. Look out for emails and announcements on our Vula tab‚ and find us on the following social networks: