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18 NQF credits at level 6

Course convener: Dr T Grant

Course entry requirements: This core course is available to all Management Studies students (Business Science and BCom). It is also compulsory for certain other BCom streams (e.g., Information systems) Students are generally in their third year but some second year students are accepted in the second semester (e.g., finance).

Course outline:

Objectives of the course are that students should be able to:

• Design and produce various types of documents (e.g. correspondence, reports and proposals)

• Plan and give persuasive presentations and oral reports

• Prepare visual and graphic material for oral and written messages

• Give formal oral presentations as part of a small group.

The syllabus includes:


• Genres: academic papers and professional/business documents

• Formats, style, vocabulary, organisation patterns and readability for oral and written messages

• Group presentation techniques

• Application: Report writing, proposal writing, correspondence (traditional and electronic),

• Integration of graphic and visual material, and group oral presentation.

Prescribed text:

A communication handbook, a course outline and a book of exercises will be given to every student.

DP requirements:

•Every assignment must be handed in on time; oral presentations must be delivered at the specific times

•Students must obtain a minimum average of 40% for work done during the course

•Students must attend all workshops


Oral examination: group oral presentation to a panel of examiners; written examination: 3 hour paper.

Students must achieve 40% for each examination. Their class and examination marks are then averaged. The pass mark for the course is 50%.

Last updated : 01 Jul 2014

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