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Faculty of Commerce inspires curiosity-driven research
02 September, 2015

Prof Mike Wormald, the Interim Dean of Commerce, commended the South African Institute of Management Scientists’ (SAIMS) 27th Annual Conference, which was held at UCT this week, for its topical research theme.

Speaking at the Gala Dinner, hosted by the School of Management Studies, Prof Wormald said: “The theme of the Conference seems especially appropriate to me. Management in Southern Africa: Change Challenge and Opportunity. Is there change, are there challenges and exactly what are the opportunities?

“These are all very pertinent research questions,” said Prof Wormald, in welcoming delegates from as far afield as Poland, Botswana, Australia, the USA, the UK, and Nigeria.

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Meet the winners of the 2014 Social Responsiveness Award
17 April, 2015

Early childhood development and urban activism may not at first glance have much in common. Nonetheless, it was the long-term commitment displayed by Stuart Hendry, director of the Faculty of Commerce's Development Unit for New Enterprise (DUNE), and Associate Professor Sophie Oldfield to projects within these fields that won them both the 2014 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Social Responsiveness. We ask what motivates them to go the extra mile.

In the Western Cape less than 25% of children have access to pre-school education, despite the fact that, overwhelmingly, research-based evidence shows the positive and long-term benefits of a quality early childhood education. This is the short answer as to why UCT's Faculty of Commerce and their Development Unit for New Enterprise (DUNE) have taken on a campaign for early childhood development (ECD) as their social responsiveness focus for the next five years. The campaign aims to create 30 centres of excellence for ECD around Cape Town.

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Nurturing young entrepreneurs
17 February, 2015

Kevin Rabotapi is a grade 11 student at Oaklands High School with a passion for business. Last year his business teacher approached him with an invitation: would he like to participate in a new kind of olympiad, one that would involve learning about being an entrepreneur and end with the chance to pitch for funding for an original business idea?

Rabotapi jumped at the chance and, along with a friend, he came up with the idea of mobile shopping app that shows deals and promotions specific to a shopper's location. "How it works," he explains, "is that if you use the app, you will be notified about promotions going on in a shop near you. For example, if you find yourself outside of an Edgars store, the app might send you a notification to say that that store has a special on jeans or a promotion on footwear."

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