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Welcome to the School of Management Studies

The School of Management Studies is a vibrant and interdisciplinary department in the Faculty of Commerce. Originally established in 1964 along with the Bachelor of Business Science degree, the department was initially created as the Department of Business Science, taking primary responsibility for the convening and development of this prestigious 4-year degree.

Three decades later, in 1994, this successful and expanding department was re-named the School of Management Studies, incorporating several academic disciplines in a variety of sections. Each section is involved in a range of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas and courses. While enjoying close and collegial alignment and integration under the banner of the School, the diverse sections have the freedom and responsibility to manage their own affairs, both administrative and academic. As can be seen below, it is this very diversity that makes the School unique in the tertiary educational landscape of South Africa and is one of its core strengths. Read more ...

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Lifetime achievement award for Org Psych Prof
01 December, 2016

A lifetime achievement award has been given to Prof Joha Louw-Potgieter in Management Studies for her lasting legacy to the field of organisational psychology.

This is the speech from Prof Theo Veldsman, Head of the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management at the University of Johannesburg.

"It is indeed a great privilege to introduce Prof Joha Louw-Potgieter as one of recipients of our Life Long Achievement Awards tonight.... As you know this Award is given to persons who have made a real difference over their academic career, and consequently have left the world a better place through their legacy.

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Bianca Hansen: the entrepreneurial go-getter
12 September, 2016

BCom management student Bianca Hansen almost faced academic exclusion in her first year of study, but she persevered. Three years later, she now runs two successful businesses.

After matriculating in 2010, Hansen was excited to leave home and explore the world. She spent her December holiday completing a TEFL course to teach English abroad. Soon after, she found a Swiss family who hired her to teach their three-year-old son to speak English.

“Europe, in general, is beautiful. However, things just seem to work too well … like clockwork. People understand English; transportation is efficient; life was too easy,” she says.

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Balancing culture and career
18 August, 2016

Dr Ameeta Jaga always regarded herself as a liberated Indian woman. But once she delved into the literature of culture and the work–family interface, she became aware of the many ways in which that was less true.

“On reflection, my subservience surprised me. I realised that from an early age I had seen my mother assume multiple familial roles – being a mother, wife, daughter-in-law, hostess to guests – and executed them all dutifully to near perfection. I assumed I had to do the same.”

These are the sorts of cultural and social roles that Indian women may confront and that are often incongruous to the roles and expectations that are demanded from them in the contemporary workplace.

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