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20 NQF credits at level 8

Course co-ordinator: Associate Professor KA Johnston

Entrance requirements: Unless otherwise agreed by the Head of Department, internal UCT candidates will be expected to obtain an overall average of at least 65% for their third year IS major courses, and at least 55% for each course.Course outline: Course covers the application and technical development issues and research contributions in IS, complied from current IS research.

DP requirements:75% attendance and participation in seminars, a minimum of 50% for seminar management (developing and presenting a seminar paper according to scope, quality and time guidelines), and a minimum of 50% in the final examination.


  • Seminar Management   June            - 40%
  • HOCIP                           May             -5%
  • Change Agent & Tutor   May             -2%
  • Mini ER                          April             -3%
  • Final examination           3 hours       -50%

Last updated : 04 Sep 2014

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